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  1. Mod/chorus delay is a digital modulated one, isn't it?
  2. Vibrato channels of fender amps with reverb has more gain (due to the reverb recovery/mix stage). The normal channel sounds a bit more "bland". In general I find that there should be more flexibility in the models.
  3. Maybe not more amps, but more control over the ones that there are already in the Helix. I love s-gear because you can do a lot with a single model only with the switches it has, and don't understand why there's no more "deep" parameters like bright switches or that (at least on amps which have them in the real world like the Twin Reverb) and there some like "ripple" that it's totally unnecesary IMHO.
  4. josetxu

    headphone sound

    I have a pair of Sennheiser 380pro and wasn't happy about the sound with them, like OP sais: bright, harsh, etc... I've bought a set of Audio-Technica ATH-M40X and I found the sound more pleasing with them, not perfect but more enjoyable.
  5. Every time I start a new patch I try to use the included cabs: I always end using ownhammer IRs because I found them more natural and real sounding.
  6. Hi everybody I've owned an Helix since early February and the more I play with it the better it gets but I find that the amp/drive blocks lacks of flexibility. It's not the number of models but the lack of some parameters/options that would give a lot of versatility in an easy way, for example: - Bright switches: We have the Fender normal and vibrato models but the bright cap isn't the only difference between them in the real amps. It would be nice to have a bright "switch" in that models and it would be easier to get them sounding right. - Jumpered models: I can't understand why there's a Plexi jumpered model but not a JTM45 or a Hiwatt jumpered. Sometimes the normal models are very dark and the bright a bit "piercing" (also in the real amps being modeled) and blending them gives the best of both worlds (ask David Gilmour ;) ). I imagine it's also less CPU consuming that jumpered models than using two amps in parallel (and we even can't do that with the Hiwatt, as there's not model of the normal input). - Although not in the original models it would be nice to have some EQ options in the drive blocks. I mean: there's hundred of Muff's versions and models and having some control over the pre/post-drive bass and maybe mids without having to use CPU consuming EQ blocks. In general it would be great to have some "deep" parameters like those found in other similar units and even switch between a normal/deep editing modes to get more of the current models.
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