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  1. I'd like to resurrect this with Line 6, as I just bought the full Helix instead of the LT for this command center capability to replace a MIDI controller on my pedalboard, used for the same purpose as yours. There is 100% a problem with the Helix both sending and receiving MIDI data at the same time which results in all kinds of weird things happening. I've spent countless hours working around it but sequencing MIDI commends to be 30--100ms apart from each other though this has created all kinds of latency challenges with my use case. Line 6 needs to respond to this as they're touting the Command Center capabilities as differentiating over competitors. Very disappointing. If I hadn't have so much invested in Line 6 presets for 10 years, I'd move to a competitor.
  2. Same problem here, no solution. OSX High Sierra.
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