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  1. The new HD PODs feature that kind of "dual tone" capabilities, and the stompbox models are the same of the M series. And if you don't mind not being in the latest fashion, the old POD X3 (or X3Live) is also dual tone capable, and you can get a used one for a bargain price. You can still use your M5 on the X3's "loop circuit".
  2. Yeah, it's a sad thing, since the unit is quite good. Probably one of the best effects processors available for the price.
  3. I experienced this phenomenon and in my personal experience it seems to be "power supply" related. It happens to me when the power source is feeding also heavier stuff like a large bass amp. and/or when "sharing" power with a multiple power supply like the Pedal Power or the 1Spot. When isolating and regulating the power source (adding a Furman regulator i.e.) the problem seems to be gone, at least in my rig, for now.
  4. I have an M5, I love it. I just miss the beefy "Bass Overdrive" that came on the POD X3. Any chance L6 can include this model in future updates?
  5. I got me an M5 stompbox for christmas (nice!). The unit is even superior than the POD Farm I have at home in some of the effects it contains, but I miss one particular distortion called "Bass Overdrive". It's the only overdrive with rich low frecuencies in the whole "overdrive-dirtortion" zone. For bass players is the "Always On" kind of effect, and for metal guitars that require powerful bass is a must have on the L6 arsenal. A suggestion for future firmware updates. Who'd like to have that too in your M5? Chalo
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