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  1. Right on! Glad to hear it!
  2. Try Doing 10-11 boot up (fs C+D) which rebuilds all presets, preserving the set lists, IRs, etc. If that doesn't do it, try backing up, factory reset (fs 9+10 power up), then restore. Then Try again.
  3. No problem. Glad it worked 2.81 has some really good stuff going for it. Be a shame to go back to 2.71. But I get it. this stuff can be frustrating. No such thing as bug-free software!
  4. perhaps doing the update, followed by a factory reset (fs 9+10, power up) and then restoring your back up will do the trick? I am able to do both copy and swap via capacitive touch with no issues on LT 2.81.
  5. Very cool! It worked. I'm in business! I think the editor is buggy at times because the unit doesn't seem to reflect some changes when I tweak them until I've reloaded the patch on the unit itself or sent and received it back. I think that's what was why I thought it wouldn't do it. Thank you very much! That has become an essential part of my rig, the ability to sweep through drive levels. Although at the end of the night I the M5 in front of the 2 HD500 did sound better, plus it frees up 2 additional fx blocks: Dirt and Noise Gate. Now if I can only configure the M5/HD500 to respond to midi CC toggle messages (on/off) and ignore program change messages. So I'm not married to pedal board mode all the time... a discussion for anther thread...
  6. I figured it out. For some reason, the controller function for the pedal was set to OFF, even though the vol/wah or whatever had been assigned. I found it on the editor and played with it, but not until I found it and played with it on the unit did it actually start functioning as expected. I find it odd, though that even after doing the FW upgrade, and a complete overwrite, even the factory presets exhibited the same problem. But it's done and I am good to go. However, one of the main functions I was looking for is something I do with my M5: using the expression pedal to control the amount of drive from light & bluesy to heavy/gain-y. On the M5 I do this my setting the heel with less drive and more output and toe the opposite to keep the level consistent (In other words I'm controlling drive and output at once inversely). It appears that on the HD500, you can only control 1 parameter per effect, even though you can control multiple fx at once with the external expression pedal. Is this correct, or is there a way to do what i described? Worse case I put my M5 in front of the HD500 or in the loop and put the loop after fx1, (Comp). But I was hoping to consolidate!!!
  7. I am having the same issue. Hoped 2.62 would fix it, but no love. I seems the HD500 on board EX Pedal is physically inop. I suspected the sensor, but i tried the FW update and did the calibration correctly, meaning I saw the numeric values sweep from heel to tow as expected, so the sensor must be OK. But when it's in normal operation in any patch, the Toe Switch will toggle what ever is assigned, but the heel to toe motion has no affect, like a parked Wah, or Volume Pedal at 50%. Same parameters assigned to EX-2 wlth external expression pedal work fine. Very big bummer. One of my main reasons for getting it was to use the eternal pedal to attenuate drive stomp, etc. Did I do or miss something stupid?
  8. That is some valuable info! Thanks for that link, a little bummed, but enlightened! I was actually using Ping Pong delay to troubleshoot the routing - no wonder I was getting confused! Well, perhaps I can experiment using one of the EQ's in the same manner, instead of the Tube Comp patch. The Volume Pedal is True Stereo as well. As for the occasional Stereo FX, it looks like some of them are still viable to my idea. So I guess it's not the end of the world. Alright, time to tinker... Thanks
  9. Here's the sketch of that signal chain.
  10. If you connect only the Left input, the signal is split to L+R stereo out (since L is the standard mono input). But shouldn't the Right in/out path be separate from the Left in/out path if both ins and both outs are connected? What I am trying to accomplish is this: a dual amp rig using an ABY to feed the M5 inputs, then the L & R outputs to 2 amps. GTR---->ABY---->M5----> 2 Amps [A --> Left in; B -->Right in / L out---> Amp 1, R out---> Amp 2] With both inputs connected, I expected the stereo outs to be 2 independent paths so I can toggle between amps, or blend both via the ABY. The Problem: I only see that behavior if the patch is turned off, defeating the purpose. It doesn't seem to matter if I send A, B, or A+B to the M5, both outputs active sending signal to both amps. Is this normal behavior, or a bug? Is there an update perhaps where this is possible? I am using the M5 primarily as a Tube Comp with the EX1 sweep set to playing level (heel) and lead boost (toe), so I could put the ABY after the M5 and run it in mono, but I'd really like to take advantage of the occasional Stereo FX when running dual Amps. If I can only get the L out to be independent of the R out...I'd be in Tone Heaven. Any Suggestions?
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