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  1. Way too heavy to carry to gigs at night pubs! This truly sucks... it makes the HD500x basicaly useless to me then... maybe a future firmware update could contemplate this feature?
  2. Hi everyone, I own a X3 Live which is my gig companion for years, a true workhorse battered and proved. The years are passing, however, and I'm considering to leave it as a backup and purchase a newer unit. I have an eye on the HD500x, which seems to be overall good, except for one thing... On the X3L I use a headphone for stage monitoring, so I assign the master vol to control to XLR only, this way I have the 1/4 outs at full volume, and I can control the headphones volume with the master vol knob. I haven't seen any mention to this on the HD500x reference... can't it do this? Thanks in advance.
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