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  1. This is the root cause for so many things these days...
  2. I own the Helix LT. You can plug your amp using the 4-cable method, and it essentially becomes another block inside the Helix FX chain. The DSP power of the LT is very useful once you start experimenting all those effects and possibilities. Just for the record: these days I don't use my amp on the stage anymore. My Helix LT (loaded with some impulse responses) does the job. Not carrying a heavy amp is liberating!
  3. Hi, Brazilian here. The Helix is rather expensive indeed. I bough a new LT for R$ 9600, but the prices can be much higher. I come from an HD500X (and a POD X3 Live before that), so the size wasn't much of an issue to me. It's a big and heavy unit, though. I also use the Helix LT as an audio device (at home) and for playing live, but straight to the mixing desk, not with a real amp. It requires time and dedication, but you can get pretty much any tone you want. Honestly, the oversampling will make no difference to your ears. As for the analog pedalboard, I got rid of mine several years ago. Using a single digital unit for everything is way easier, and I strongly suggest this approach. The Helix converters are as good as they can be.
  4. That's one of the biggest differences, IMHO. Having two DSPs in the Helix (and LT) makes a world of difference. These days I'm using the Poly Capo extensively, and it eats a lot of DSP power, something that makes it really hard to apply without the two DSPs.
  5. Thank you, @NBell. Another question: once I set 'Volume Knob Control' to 'Digital', if I have the Helix LT plugged via USB to my computer, will the USB volume be affected by the volume knob? Or will the USB always have full volume?
  6. I'm deciding between the Helix and the Helix LT, and now I have this question. These are my current needs: the XLR and 1/4" to be always at full volume – ie. not being adjusted by the volume knob; the headphones to be adjusted by the volume knob. Question: Is it possible to be done on the Helix LT? Page 65 of the manual says: ... but there is no mention if the headphone volume will still be controlled by the volume knob.
  7. I'm not making music, I'm configuring an electronic device. I'll start making music after it's properly configured.
  8. Hey guys, I totally understand the patch editing in the HD500X. To change the params of the amp, I use those big knobs on the unit: Drive, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Volume. However, I feel much more comfortable using the 4 small knobs below the screen, the ones we use to edit everything else. The big knobs have 2 problems: 1) the start position of the knob is never the same of the parameter set. So when you move the big knob, you almost never can go back to the original value. 2) They are imprecise, it's hard to choose an specific numeric value. I remember in the old days of the great X3 Live, when editing the amp settings, I had the choice to use the big knobs, or the 4 small knobs below the screen. So I wonder: to edit the amp settings, is there any way to use the 4 small knobs on the HD500X?
  9. Start with the treadplate amp, then put a tubescreamer in front of it.
  10. As a former Boss GT user myself, I say hell yes. The problem with Boss units is that they use the same COSM engine since the early 90's: the new units just have more processing power. And COSM totally sucks at high gain tones. I sold my GT-8 for a POD X3 Live years ago, and the difference was mind blowing.
  11. I bet it's not possible for hardware reasons.
  12. Being an early adopter means you're likely to experience many glitches, since you're dealing with stuff that has not been 100% tested. So, if you like to have everything safely working, just don't upgrade too soon. That's a bit obvious if you stop to think.
  13. Line 6 could have hired a less lazy programmer to build their software... :angry: I think I'll post this on Ideascale. Edit: it's there now:
  14. When using the HD500X editor, you can reorder the blocks at the top section, by just dragging them around. However, at the section below, where the effects are detailed, the blocks are not reordered, and you end up with a mess after a while. Here's what I'm talking about: Is there a way to keep everything in order, so the blocks are easier to spot?
  15. So the new footswitches are bad as the old ones?
  16. Bumping this thread... can anyone demonstrate what that's about? Looks interesting.
  17. Boss is using the same COSM algorithms for decades, they only add more processing power to their units. I switched from my GT to the POD because the GT is capable of decent effects and clean amps, but COSM totally sucks at high gain amps. If you aren't into high gain amps, the GT may be for you, otherwise run away.
  18. I also believe it's pretty much this. This is an issue with pretty much all modelers of all manufacturers, as far as I can tell. You must find a way to match your volumes.
  19. I already do this with my X3 Live. The UNBALANCED OUTS can remain at max vol, while the PHONES stay controlled by the MASTER vol. I'm just baffled that the HD500X, which is "so advanced"... can't do this. <_<
  20. I use the UNBALANCED OUTPUT jacks to send my audio to the mixer, and I'd like to use the PHONES jack with headphones so I could hear myself. According to the manual, the MASTER vol controls all the levels: if I change the PHONES vol, the UNBALANCED OUTPUT vol will also be changed... is this the way it works? If so, the headphones are simply unusable in a live situation, since I have to redo my mixer level every time I change my MASTER vol! The X3 Live has a way to deal with this, can't the HD500X? Did Line6 remove this feature from a supposedly more advanced unit?! :o :o :o
  21. Until yesterday, all the HD demos sounded incredibly good, so much more real than everything else. Now, all of a sudden, the HD started sounding... bad? Riiiiight... :rolleyes:
  22. I dare to say no. Personally, I guess Line6 sees HD500X as the last one of its kind (a dead end), and the Firehawk being the new trend. As far as I could read on the forums, the Firehawk has some design issues; I imagine the future with a new model which will be an evolution of the Firehawk, equalling the HD500X in terms of connections, effectively becoming the new flagship model. I also own a X3L which sounds amazing, and I'm not buying an HD500X, nor a Firehawk. I bet there will be a new model soon, a better Firehawk + HD500X: a true monster.
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