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  1. Hey man, thanks for the suggestion, but i am using an RME Aio PCI-e card as Audio Interface and it doesn't have a direct monitoring output. Also, this problem does not happen with other plugins (like Guitar Rig for example).
  2. Hello guys, I have a strange problem with Helix Native in Cubase 9.0.40. When I activate the Monitoring on an Audio Channel with Helix Native as Insert Effect, I still get the clean signal together with the processed Helix Native signal. Even if I deactivate all outputs in Helix Native, I still get the clean signal from the Guitar. Direct Monitoring in Cubase is deactivate (obviously as you can also hear the processed sound from Helix Native) and other Plugins (like Guitar Rig) don't have this problem. It seems that the clean sound is always routed inside Helix Native when Cubase Monitoring is activ. This problem appears only with Monitoring. When I play back a recorded track (monitoring function now deactivated as it wouldn't play back the sound), the signal is processed the normal way. Does anybody else have this problem? Thanks for your suggestions. Greetings, Jan
  3. Hey benvigil, this works for me perfectly. Thank you very much for your help. For Windows User, go to: C:\Users\{Your Username}\AppData\Roaming\Line 6\Helix Native and open the "Helix Native.prefs" with an text editor. Then remove everything that is marked Yellow in the pic I added. If you can't see the folder "AppDate" it is because it is hidden. In your Explorer Window, go on the top to "View", then to "Options" and there go to the rider "View" and search for Show Hidden Files and Folders in the List to activate the viewing of the hidden folder.
  4. Hey CryoHeart, don't feel alone and maybe resist to install Windows 10, because I have a similar problem with Helix Native on Cubse 9.0.40 and Windows 10. After the installation and registering it, everything worked fine, but now, as soon as I click on the "edit" button in the Cubase mixer to open the Helix GUI, Cubase crashes. The GUI is not working at all and not reacting to any input. Still, the Audio engine keeps running. I tried to reinstall it and it helped for exactly ONE time. The next day, I open the same project and as soon as I open the GUI of Helix, Cubase crashes again. This happened to me with the VST3 and VST 2 version. Nothing helps but another reinstall. Funny thing is though: as long as you don't try to upen the GUI, Helix works fine, meaning all the sound coming out is definetly what I configured before. Have you got eny answer from the support?
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