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  1. Same problem here with M-Audio FW410, ProFire 610 and NI Komplet Audio 6. Never got it to work right :(
  2. Hey all. I've written to support about this (last year actually) and they said it would be passed onto the dev team but I just wondered if anyone else is experiencing the same problem, and if so perhaps we could orchestrate a little pressure group to get something done about it! Problem is as follows: load up POD Farm, add in a stomp of any kind and assign the enable/disable button to SW1 in the automation window. In your host, automate the state of the stomp between on and off and you'll notice the audio glitches/cuts out. I realise that one could work around this using POD Farm elements but I'm looking at building up some kind of live setup using POD Farm and I'd like to keep it all integrated into one plugin instance. Can anyone else replicate this? I'm using Cubase 7.5 but it used to do it on 6.5 as well. Cheers!
  3. Inerzia - I wasn't aware they'd publicly stated their intention to continue updating it. Fair enough. And yeah Zap, I hear you. Perhaps I should get an X to prepare myself then. I'll just be mad if nothing comes of it haha.
  4. Zap - call me cynical but, I'm not convinced. Of all the issues the HD has, I don't really think DSP is the biggest. At least not for those who just need good solid, core tones. If they had've addressed any of the issues that I mentioned, I might believe that they're still actively developing the HD and really listening to customer feedback. As it is, I suspect they ran out of the old batch of processors or switched to a newer/faster model and decided to make a "new" product out of it to prevent confusion arising when new HD owners are able to run patches that old owners are not.. Perhaps I'm being impatient! I can't remember how long the X3 took to mature. My real worry is that *if* they do release another firmware update before they roll out an HD1000 or an HD2...it'll be for the X only.
  5. Hmmm, I definitely hear it. Gotta admit this is the first time I've really noticed it. There's nothing in your patch I'd change particularly, apart from perhaps giving the gate a little decay/hold time to stop that horrible "stuttering" effect you get as the note dies out. Might be my imagination but it's not quite so bad using the pre-only model. But still, totally at a loss!
  6. I took a break from the HD Pro for a while, in favour of soft amps such as Guitar Rig 5 and POD Farm. The other day, after the best part of 4 months, I plugged the HD back in and I was met with a mixed reaction. The sound and feel IS good. Especially now I have a real amp (the Laney IRT Studio) to compare it to. But I was also disappointed that nothing has changed since the last time I used it (and even *then* there was a distinct lack of progress with updates). I feel that I have an amazing piece of gear that's reached the end of its development far too early. EQ in hz, split output modes for 1/4" and XLR, phase/delay controls on cabs for dual tone, link amp settings for dual tone, all neat little features that would be icing on an otherwise delicious cake, but that I will probably never see. It'd be nice if L6 could at least be a bit more up front about their intentions. The silence is not good.
  7. All done with POD Farm :) http://music.basickrecords.com/album/all-roads-lead-here
  8. Let's talk about em! What do you do to get out of them? What's the longest you've ever been in one? Myself, I feel like I'm just on the way out of a year+ block, although I'm still a little unsure of myself...still nervous that it'll all evaporate again. I think it's a mixture of nerves (people's expectations, my own expectations) and just the reality of having to concentrate on more practical things to survive. I do feel a lot better when I take several steps back and immerse myself in something unrelated to music (graphics, writing, films) and then ideas start to come but as soon as I get at my desk, something is lost. I'm hoping my new acquisition - a laptop DAW - will allow me to work wherever I need to to be comfortable and relaxed. It arrives tomorrow. Here's hoping! How about you all?
  9. Hey all! Using Cubase 7.04, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on a Phenom II X4 965BE w/4GB RAM. Whenever I automated a "SW" parameter on or off in Cubase, there's a very brief pause/glitch in the audio. Any ideas what could be causing it? Automating knob parameters works just fine. Many thanks!
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