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  1. Luckily I've managed to solve by myself.
  2. I personally wouldn't do it... unless you have a D.I.
  3. First of all let me correct one thing : you are not using two DAWs, you are using two AUDIO INTERFACES, which is not a good idea at all because of drivers issues. Second, unfortunately I have the same problem as you on my Cubase (and Reaper) : the VST shows up as an insert but no audio gets through it. As a result I've stopped completely using Pod Farm as a VST, which is a shame . Sorry I couldn't help you. One thing you coud try, is finding the Folder where the Pod Farm.dll files reside, and copying them back into your Vstplugins folder...... or maybe try a Vst 2.0 wrapper ?
  4. extreme user error. you are probably sending the already processed signal to Pod Farm and back again to the DAW. Check your AUDIO INPUT settings in the DAW.
  5. I'm a long time user of Pod Gx and Pod Farm 1 I've been using the VST for 3 years without hassle, then it stopped working and I can't authorize it anymore. Is this normal ? What's also not clear to me is, if I upgrade Pod Farm to 2.5, will I have a VST that works with another interface, without having to install Line6 drivers ? (they crash too much with my Win 9 , something related to USB power ) Thanks.
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