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  1. When asked this question I always respond the same - go to the store, try different models and buy the one you like. And for amps, even that is not the best advice because the sound of an amp in the store is going to sound different in your BR because of factors like sound absorption. But I recommend trying in the store anyway, ensure there is a return policy so if it doesn't work out in your BR, you can return it and try something else. The only one who can say what sounds good to you is you.
  2. I'm in my 2nd Yes tribute, The Yes Project. My 1st Yes tribute was Apostle with videos here on the Video tab:
  3. Thanks, Steele. My bassist sent that youTube link to me. As a matter of fact it was that video where I got the idea to use the Variax in my Yes band. But I'll skip the HD500 since I have all the Yes presets I need in my Vetta 2.
  4. I had this same problem (unknown MIDI error). The Variax USB box kept losing its connection to my JTV59 as in the middle of firmware updating, the Variax side of the box lit up red (and the software kept repeating "reconnecting to device"). I have no idea why as nothing changed. I had to repeat the update process 3 times before it completed successfully. The only thing I can think of is that I was using a USB input on the front of my desktop tower and the install instructions recommend using a rear panel USB input.
  5. Weight is not consistent across guitars because of the density of the wood. Without weighing my JTV59, I would guess it's around 9 lbs. For a Les Paul body style that's nice and light.
  6. If you switch string gauges to a heavier gauge you may need to adjust the truss rod to compensate for the added pull. However, if you go heavier just 1 level as in .010 to .011, you'll probably be fine. Something to keep an eye on. I find that with the .010's my low E string vibration doesn't transmit to the piezo as well as with other strings.
  7. Hi All. I've been a LIne6 user since the days of AX212 (I'm a Vetta 2 guy now), but this week I got my first Variax, a Tyler 59 in cherry sunburst. I play in 2 bands, one of them a Yes tribute where I play 5 guitars. If the JTV59 works as I'm hoping, changing guitars mid-song and mid-set will be a thing of the past. I'm excited. I updated the guitar to the 1.9 firmware which took me 3 tries before it succeeded and with Variax Workbench filled the Custom1 and Custom2 slots with those presets (guitar models) I'll use most. Fun stuff ! I wish the JTV59 neck were a little less fat (small hands here), but overall the fretboard is easy to navigate so I'll deal. The neck is perfectly straight and only 1 or 2 frets need some filing to get rid of string buzz when I bend. For a Korean (mass-produced) instrument I'm pretty surprised, no offense. I've tried both the 1/4" and VDI inputs to the Vetta and because I can use the Vetta to recall JTV presets (in combination with the complex switching I need to do for Yes music), I'll probably stick with the VDI cable unless I need to be more than 10' away from my amp (which is rare). Anyway, hope everyone is rockin' out. Oh question... am I correct that the stock D'addario strings are .010 gauge? NEVER MND - answered in another thread though my D'Addario tag doesn't specify the gauge.
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