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  1. Doing so would require a programmable interface to the amp and I don't believe such an API (Application Programming Interface) exists, or at least it's not published. I have asked the same thing about the wah FX - I want to control the wah FX on the amp with a pedal (the FBV 3 and MKii pedals can interface to the wah FX of course). No answer yet, but I'm guessing the answer is no. The Vetta amp series provides such an interface, but the Vetta line is discontinued. MIDI is usually the API that is used to control musical devices, so hopefully Line6 will publish the MIDI interface for the Spider V series, but historically no.
  2. Have you tried recording using the headphone jack? I don't know that it would work, but if the drums and AUX input do play thru the headphone jack, you're in business.
  3. I have the FBV longboard and although Line6 web site says it is not supported with the Spider V, I've found that it does work as long as you map the footswitches to the amp controls. The volume pedal works as expected, but is there a way with which I can assign the 2nd pedal, the wah pedal, to the wah FX on the amp? The 2 devices are connected via an ethernet-like cable, not MIDI, so I suppose any such method would have to be with some programming in the FBV which I don't know is possible. Thanks, Thorne
  4. I downloaded that and installed it and I cannot find it anywhere. I went to the folder where it's installed and all there is is an uninstall executable. I'll try a reinstall. For one thing the install dialog says it gets installed in C:\Program Files\Line6\Line 6 Updater which is totally wrong. There is no Line6 folder in /Program Files, and there is no Line 6 Updater folder in /Program Files (x86)/Line6 folder. I also told the installer to create a desktop icon and it doesn't do that either. UPDATE... OK, it all worked when I did the reinstall. Yay.
  5. I've got the FBV long board and it works well too. But you have to map the pedal switches to the amp features. The amp1 and amp2 pedal buttons access the looper features.
  6. thorneven

    .svu file?

    Just bought a Spider V 120 today. Love the wireless feature and of course all the Line6 presets. Been a Line6 user since the days of AX2. I downloaded an .svu file (a39_1.04.0.svu) from Line6's web site. I assume it's a firmware update for the amp, but I have no idea how to load it into the amp. I tried using the PC remote app, but there's nothing for firmware upgrades. What am I missing? Thanks, Thorne
  7. The footswitch is not a controller so again, no, the amp block with the volume control is not connected to a controller.
  8. No, not connected to a controller. But I have assigned to a foot switch the amp block where I may want to adjust volume. Where is the "mixer section"? Do you mean the mixer block? And when you make an adjustment there, can you save it? The reason I prefer the amp block is that there I can also adjust bass, treble, et cetera. Does the fact that in this preset I have amps on 2 paths have any bearing on this issue? If I recall, the dual paths with the 2 amp blocks are BEFORE the mixer block and I have a volume block AFTER the mixer block.
  9. At a recent gig I was adjusting the volume on one of my presets. I got into edit mode on one of my user presets and adjusted the volume using the volume knob. As I turned the knob I watched the volume icon in the LCD window adjust the volume on the amp effect. Then I dbl-pressed SAVE to save my changes. However, when I changed to another preset and then back to the preset whose volume I just changed, the changed volume did not take and instead the original volume is set. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
  10. I use the TC-Helicon FX150 personal monitor as an amp and I love the sound. Real punchy. I use the headphone jack on the HD500X and Y the left and right channels into the AUX input on the FX150. I don't have any stereo presets on the HD500X so there's no phase issues. My band is happy because now I don't blow anyone away with loud amp volumes and I can turn up the monitor as loud as I like. It even has decent bass response.
  11. Because turning the wah on via the pedal requires a force of 1,000 bricks falling at 10,000 MPH (or Bruce Lee). I've tried during performance and I miss most of the time. Pressing a FS and then moving to the pedal is no big deal. I'm fast on my feet; just not heavy. :D
  12. pianoguyy... You said "you can assign the wah to a footswitch to simply switch it on and off." Does that mean I don't have to press down hard on the expression pedal to turn it on? I just assign something to a footswitch and the pedal will become a wah pdeal? If so, I'd appreciate detailed instructions on how to do that. Thank you in advance.
  13. I was thinking of doing just that - during one of my extended solos, I record a loop and then jam with it. Suddenly a band with 2 guitarists now has 3 ! I know doing so will be complicated by the band's not staying on the beat, but it will be fun trying !
  14. See, I knew my fellow Line 6ers know how to do it !
  15. I will research this topic by Googling, but I thought I'd see what you fine, peer guitarists have to offer. I just started playing around with the Looper and the thing I find infuriating is, while recording, hitting FS6 at just the right moment so that when I play the loop, the loop ends perfectly on time - no 32nd notes (or typically longer) of space between the last note of the end of the loop and the 1st note of the start of the loop. If I try 10 times, 9 times I won't get it right. Is there a trick to it, or is it really trial and error? Also I find that the pedal seems to cut off just a minute piece of my last note of the loop. Thanks for the tips and happy playing !
  16. Jasonbrianmerrill... If your strumming with a plastic pick is so hard that you're breaking strings, I would say you have a volume problem i.e. you cannot hear your guitar loud enough such that you feel you have to strum harder to compensate (are your fingers bleeding yet?). As you might have noticed, strumming harder will never compensate enough because you couldn't strum hard enough to make up for the difference. So I think THAT'S the issue you need to address, not the hardware.
  17. You attribute broken strings to amp simulations? That's got be a typo because if it isn't, I'd say you need to do a lot more research into developing sounds on any guitar effects modeling system. Maybe modeling just isn't your thing. It's a lot of work to get the sounds you want so it's not for everybody. But when you've dialed in a sound you like, it's heaven, Man. I've been using JTV-59 and Line6 amps (and now a 500X) for years and I've been very happy. I perform regularly, every year since 1971. Good luck with whatever you choose. I know you said you sold it, but if you're willing to try once more, I'd suggest starting with a clean sound, no cab or amp sims, and build from there. Or what I do is find a factory preset I like and then subtract and/or add until I get what I want. Works 95% of the time.
  18. Because that's what bands do when they can't afford a sound engineer.
  19. I'm going to setup my gear and try your suggestion and some other things to see if I can isolate the problem. I found I have some 32 ohm headphones so I'm going to see if I can make the 500X sound good through them and compare the sound to the 600 ohm headphones that sucked at the gig.
  20. That's exactly what I asked the guy who runs the PA... if he's sending me back the same signals I'm sending him. He hasn't responded yet. UPDATE: The PA guy says he was not sending back my mic and guitar signals so that's not the problem. He thinks that I should try using a line out from my mixer instead of the phones out. He thinks that using the preamp of the phones out plus the preamp in the headphone amp, hence using 2 preamps in series, is causing distortion. I'll have to try it out. However, since I had all the volume controls maxed out, I don't think that's going to work.
  21. I'm trying to do away with lugging an amp to gigs. My setup is one 500X XLR out (I know there's no automatic summing of the stereo signal like with the 1/4" outs) going into a channel in the PA mixing desk, and one 500X 1/4" out going into a channel in my personal mixer. I get a mono AUX output from the PA mixing desk coming back to a 2nd channel in my personal mixer so I can mix the band the way I want. I also have my Shure SM58 Beta mic(rophone) going into a 3rd channel in my personal mixer and a Y'ed cable sends the mic signal to the house PA. In summary my personal mixer is using 3 inputs and one output (the mixer has only one output buss although there are "main" and "control room" outputs but no controls other than volume to adjust the main and control room signals i.e. I can't mix how much of each channel's input signal goes to main and how much to control room outputs). The personal mixer output goes into a Behringer HA400 headphone amp. I'm using Beyer Dynamic DT880 headphones, 600 ohm version, which I've read take a lot of power to make them sound good. The problem I'm having is that the mic signal is distorted when I get right up on the mic and the guitar signal is tinny, fuzzy and has no body. I've played with adjusting the input gain on the personal mixer channels and channel output volume controls, but nothing I do seems to make a satisfactory difference. I'm thinking that maybe the headphones are the problem, perhaps the ohmage is too high and the HA400 doesn't have a strong enough amp to power the headphones. Anyone have any ideas for how I might get better sounding mic and 500X guitar signals in the headphones? I've tried different guitars (single coil pups and humbuckers) which makes no difference. One guy in the band said my problem is too many preamps in the signal path, referring to the 3 channels I'm using in my personal mixer and whatever preamp is in the headphone amp. My personal mixer is a Behringer Xenyx 1002FX. I use fx only on the mic input. Turning off the fx makes no difference. I do have the volume controls on my mixer all the way up so maybe the problem is not enough input signal. I have the 500X master volume at the max. Thanks.
  22. You can use the front of the Spider IV. Just make sure you dial up the cleanest Spider preamp settings you can so that they don't interfere with your 500X settings.
  23. I listened to the guitar-only sample above. I would think it would be relatively easy to emulate that guitar sound. I'd use the bridge pickup, a bit of drive, compression, reverb and a light analog chorus effect during the verses.
  24. As mentioned in another thread asking pretty much the same question, you can turn the amp on while holding down the tuner button and you'll bypass the preamp completely. The down side is that you won't be able to control the volume on the Spider.
  25. It's odd to see port 80 in the OP as I believe one has to login to download software and that means the default port would be 443. 80 would be a port when authentication is not required. Did you login to the Line6 web site before trying to download or did you just enter a URL? Also "/data" is not in the URL when one downloads software. The download URL is something like this:
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