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  1. From a Google search: Q: How do I perform a factory reset on the Spider V series? A: Hold down the Home button to access the settings menu. Scroll down with the encoder to where it says Factory Reset. Scroll to the right and press the encoder knob to hit Yes.
  2. I can tell you that setting the looper so one stops it at the exact right time takes time to master. The solution for me is to stop the recording, i.e. press the looper button to stop recording, on the 1 of the next measure. So if you're in 4/4 and recording a loop that is 1 bar, count 1 2 3 4 and press the button to stop recording on the next 1. But it has to be precise or you'll find that you're 4/4 time sig has become 4/4 +- 1/16 !
  3. I use the Tab S2 and the app works. I forget but am pretty sure I use the OTG cable too. You can try it without first to see.
  4. If you know someone else with a Line6 amp that supports your pedal, try hooking your pedal to their amp so you can see if it's the amp or the pedal.
  5. What does "hasn't worked" mean? More details so we can help.
  6. Take the towel off the front of the amp. But seriously, how can we help when we don't know what you've tried and what your setup is? I would do a factory reset and if the sounds are still muffled, something is probably wrong with the amp.
  7. The tuner on the amp is not very stable i.e. it vacillates/drifts quite a bit. I use a clamp-on tuner. It should be clear in the manual - have you checked? - and on the amp. You press and hold the Tap/Tuner button.
  8. Yes ->
  9. Good idea, thanks ! So when I create a new preset, I can start with the "template" that contains the effects I usually use. I did use the PC app to adjust the parameters of the delay for my existing presets.
  10. It is incorrect to claim that wattage must be measured with an 8 ohm speaker. You certainly can have 30 watts output with a 4 ohm speaker and also with an 8 ohm speaker. If the wattage with a 4 ohm speaker is 30 watts, with an 8 ohm speaker the wattage would be half or 15 watts. What you're missing is the voltage output. If you're an old tech you should know that wattage is calculated via amperage times voltage. It has nothing to do with impedance. You're also wrong that the software updater doesn't work. Maybe it doesn't work for you so you need to do some trouble shooting. It has worked fine for me and for others. It's no secret that amp manufacturers may use less expensive speakers to reduce costs. I happen to like the sound from both my Spider V 120 and 240. More expensive speakers could produce a more likeable sound. It's a matter of opinion, not fact. Finally, to bad mouth a music store based on incorrect facts is irresponsible.
  11. I was using the FBV Longboard initially. I could operate the looper with it.
  12. I have the Note 8 and a V 240 and have no problems. I won't venture a guess as to what's wrong in your scenario. OK, a few guesses... it's some setting in your phone or the download was incomplete or the cable is bad. Try uninstalling and reinstalling. Try a different cable.
  13. I'm not sure about your exact setup, but with Spider V, assigning effects to external pedal is performed in the amp, not the pedal. The feature to use is usually titled "controller assignment". Here's an example in the Pod HD Pro: The answer for you is probably here:
  14. I thought I had seen the answer to this question but cannot find it. I have programmed a delay I want to use in multiple presets. Is it possible to copy only a single effect from one preset to another? I tried in Spider Remote but could find nothing. I couldn't find anything on the amp either. A search resulted in no solution. And nothing in the manual. Thanks. Thorne
  15. Loops are deleted, I believe, when you turn off the pedal where the loops are stored. The other way to delete is to overwrite.
  16. Spider V goes with the FBV3 pedal: There are several FBV3 models. GO look at Line6's web site for compatibility.
  17. What you want is to be able to assign a parameter of an effect to an expression pedal. I guess you're using a Pod HD Pro with the pedal. You can do that with the Vetta amp series. What does the Pod HD Pro manual say about assigning effect parameters to expression pedals?
  18. It doesn't do anything if you don't have a preset with delay in it. Is that your issue?
  19. I was glad to see that Line6 finally closed the back of the Spider V series. My drummer always complained that the sound coming out the back of my amp was deafening at gigs (especially when there was a reflective wall behind the stage). Plus the sound that emanates out the front is fuller now with the closed back and I prefer that all the sound the speaker has to offer not get lost out the back of the amp.
  20. That wastes 2 presets in 1 bank. I need to have at least 4 different presets in my banks.
  21. Same complaint here. I would like the option to swap the top and bottom rows as far as their functions. That is, top row selects presets A-D and bottom row selects FX.
  22. Guys - I use the DST Screamer as a volume boost assigned to a footswitch. I use it PRE and raise the GAIN until I get the desired volume. Just want to offer an alternative. I'll try the PEQ idea. Thanks.
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