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  1. Well add me to the list of owners with a failed unit My receiver has apparently died. Doesn't light up at all. I tried several different USB cables, and nothing. I suspect the cause is the flimsy, junky USB input. (BTW, did they ever redesign it yet? It's going on 2 years now since this product was introduced!). Bought my G10 when they first came out, so well past warranty now.
  2. My receiver has apparently died. Doesn't light up at all. I tried several different USB cables, and nothing. I suspect the cause is the flimsy, junky USB input. (BTW, did they ever address that common compliant?). Bought my G10 when they first came out, so well past warranty now.
  3. Success! I want to thank you for your input, Sheriton, as it got me on the right track. The SC capsule sounds great, BTW. :D I am, however, standing by my opinion of Line 6 tech support, not to mention the misinformation riddled throughout their instructions and the convoluted journey I had to take to get this up and running. I only got the update to work after hunting and pecking around the website and cobbling together information from various articles, videos, etc. Monkey's onscreen instructions are inaccurate and/or not specific enough and even contradict some of the other online info. Inexcusable. I can only guess how many other confused customers gave up on this great product out of frustration or after the unnecessary expense of sending their unit(s) in for repair as per tech support's instructions. :rolleyes: Thanks again. P.S. I'm going to post the complete step by step instructions here so they're all in 1 accessible location.
  4. Update: I managed to reinstall the firmware update for the receiver, but the transmitter still cannot be updated. At least now the old capsule and receiver are fully functional and communicating again, so I'm back to square one. It still doesn't resolve the matter of getting the SC capsule to work with the handheld, however. Just as a test, I did install the SC capsule on the handheld, and it works, but only has 1 sound is possible and the mic models menu says, "Off" with no way to scroll through the supposed 4 available options. That makes sense to me since the handheld can't be updated right now. :angry: I must say I'm extremely disappointed and annoyed with Line 6 tech support so far. Their response initially? Just send it in for repair. It's past warranty at this point, and the suggestion just seems lazy and self-serving to me, especially since the unit worked flawlessly for me up until I had to update THEIR firmware as a prerequisite to use THEIR product. I have no doubt there's something lacking in the instructions or firmware for how to do the update. The handheld basically needs to be updated to flash 2.1, and there's a download for it in the downloads section. Great. So how do I get it on the handheld now when I can't get the receiver to communicate with the handheld for an update??? I have no problem communicating with the receiver when I want to use the mic itself.
  5. I recently purchased the V75-SC capsule for my XD-75 mic, and the package indicated that I needed to update the transmitter firmware to 2.1 or later. After an unnecessary amount of time attempting to do that, I finally was able to update the receiver (2.04). Great. Now it came time to update the transmitter. Receiver's connected to my computer via USB (Receiver screen says "Loader Enabled") and Monkey Bench indicated the following when I selected my XD-V75 handheld for updating: Step 1. Connect an antenna to the V75 jack labeled, "B Out". Step 2. Power on the XD-V75 handheld and release the power button. Step 3. Press and hold the power button until OFF appears in the LCD window then press SELECT 8 times. Step 4: Place the XD-V75 handheld parallel to the antenna and click "OK" below. So I did that, and the receiver is going through the motions indicating it's reinitializing while the dialog screen pops up: "Place the XD-V75 Handheld in proximity of your V75 Receiver. This dialog will automatically close when a connection is established. (If this dialog does not close, click cancel). A few seconds later and then this dialog pops up: "No transmitter device found". Followed by, "Error connecting to device. Please check the connection and try again. You may need to disconnect and reconnect the USB and/or power cable on the V75 receiver." I've done that several times now, and nothing. Furthermore, I now have a DEAD XD-V75 receiver because it won't power on at all when disconnecting from computer, USB cable, etc! Not happy.When I do flip the power switch on, all I get is a non-illuminated row of vertical rectangles across the top of the screen. I am not happy. >:^( Help anyone?
  6. Just an FYI, Musician's Friend has the XD-V75 handheld system now on sale for $389. Pretty great price. :)
  7. Well I'm intrigued to say the least. Never sang through an Earthworks 40 line, wired or wireless. Too rich for my blood at a grand for the wired version. (I draw the line at a $700 Neumann KMS105). Anybody have an opinion on how these compare to a Neumann, Shure KSM9, etc? And does anybody know what Line 6 will be selling these for? I know the Earthworks WL40v capsule typically sells for $799. Wondering if Line 6's mic will be comparable/more.
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