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  1. That mirrors my experience. When I got mine I had 3 updates to do. Each one failed 3 or 4 times before it took. Wasn’t a great first impression. Everything seems to be working well now though. Just need to get a slightly longer cable now.
  2. Honestly, that should have been the first thing to try, but I didn’t have one to hand and I trusted the supplied cable. I can’t say for sure whether the newer cable is better quality, it is certainly thicker and more robust, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Short length would definitely help with resistance and noise though which could cause these issues. A side effect i just found was one of my impulse responses had been corrupted while copying with the old cable, so while auditioning my new IRs I almost blew my ear drums. Thankfully I was wearing headphones so could just yank them off.
  3. Thanks Per! Yeah I found swapping the included USB cable worked great. Now I just need to buy one longer than 10cm!
  4. Thanks, I’d already tried all 4 USB 2.0 ports, and I don’t own a hub. In a a last ditch effort I tried another cable, which worked flawlessly. However it is only 10cm long so not ideal! So I think in this case, and the bundled cable is just poor quality, which is a little disappointing after how much the helix cost. But im just pleased I can now back up my patches. Thanks again for the response.
  5. I'm really struggling with a solid USB connection to the Helix. I use the cable provided by Line 6, in the back of a Mac Mini, with nothing else plugged into any of the ports. I've never been able to update the Helix on the first try, it usually takes 4-5 attempts for an upgrade to happen, and in the meantime I lose all my presets. I only use HX Edit when I want to load Its, but after copying 4 or 5 Its, the connection drops with "Connection Interrupted" at the bottom. I've never had such an unstable connection to a device, especially one that has integral power so isn't drawing power over USB. What can I do to solve this, as this is an incredibly frustrating situation.
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