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  1. If you're still interested, I might be interested in trading my 59.
  2. I just got an EX1 expression pedal and can't figure out how to assign parameters to it. Both red and green lights go on when I plug it in and I can't see the pedal in HD500x edit or on the unit itself. Am I missing something simple? Thanks Jon
  3. Try updating to 10.11.1. Solved it for me.
  4. Problem free on 10.11? Googling it doesn't give a definitive answer.
  5. What are my (hopefully not too expensive) options for recording direct into GarageBand from my HD500X?
  6. If you mean inputs 1 and 2 set to Variax I've done that and every other combination. If it's something else I'm not seeing it in the book.
  7. Hey all. Just got my 59 yesterday and I love it except when using the alt tunings I can still hear the standard notes about as loud. It's definitely not just the string volume it is coming through all the patches. I've flashed the firmware 3 times and tried all the 500x input and variax settings and set the mags to 0 in Workbench and no luck. Am I missing something or do I have a problem?
  8. I have deleted and installed version 1.00.1 (this is the previous version, right?) on my 5s several times. Each time it will go through the welcome and disclaimer screens then crash after clicking the Get Started button and every subsequent launch. The 4s doesn't have the 7.1.1 iOS update like the 5 does and also is running AR 1.00.1. I won't update that one for now as it's working.
  9. Works on my old 4s, don't have access to my stored tones though, guess I might have lost them.
  10. Just updated the Remote App on my iPhone 5s with latest iOS and it crashes on launch.
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