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  1. I've had the files from a session get corrupted where they didn't have the full header information. If you can still copy the files, you might be able to use a tool to re-create the headers based off of file contents.
  2. From my experience a quick tap doesn't activate mute; you do need to intentionally press and hold the button for half a second or so to kick it in (I'm guessing to prevent accidental muting) where a quick tap will un-mute. (And i'm guessing you mean on the belt pack transmitter; I don't remember a button on the receiver).
  3. Sorry, didn't catch that in the original. Does it sound like the volume is being semi-gradually changed (curved down) or is it an instant sound goes quiet? If it's the former, I'd check compression. The compressors are pre-sends so compression will be in the monitor mixes, but if set up in a weird way, you might be hearing weird shifts from the compressor kicking in and out. As someone who runs sound for a band that primarily uses IEMs, that's been my biggest annoyance (musicians don't want the compression in their ears but the house it's essential). If it's an instant cut, you might want to check your cables. I've had a bad cable make a mic keep jumping between full volume and half volume.
  4. Check to make sure the monitor sends are post-fader (unlinked), otherwise volume will affect monitor mixes, and this can be changed per-input per-send. This is also settable on the FX sends to monitors. Though I don't know if they save per scene as well.
  5. One other possibility: I know the G50 has a 'main out' (mutable via belt pack) and an "aux/tuner out" (always on, even when muted). If the G90 has similar and you don't care about belt pack muting you might be able to just use those two outs with only one receiver.
  6. I've had my G50 for over two years now (maybe even three; i'd have to look), and it's still going strong; I use it for an electric violin, guitar, and bass interchangeably. My only issue is that the latch on the battery cover is wearing down so it pops open a bit too easy if it's in my pocket, but usually I have it velcro'd to the instrument i'm playing so I don't have that issue most of the time.
  7. How often do sound guys get artist pricing/endorsements? I've been a fan of the Line-6 products and have been using a few pieces ( couple V75 mics, a relay G50, a pod x3 live, and the StageScape m20d). I'd love to get a full speaker setup, but as an independent sound guy, the pieces I need (couple mains, couple subs, and a set of monitors) are on the spendy side.
  8. RF mode didn't help. Looks like it was the venue. Took the system from our rehearsal space (heavy in wifi all around) to a show (only 2 wifi hotspots around) and the system worked flawlessly without interference.
  9. Same between both headsets at approx the same output volume (gains are completely different). Louder singing doesn't distort at all. I tried different channels, different dynamic filters, etc. I'll be trying a different venue tomorrow. It seems to be based off of the singing though, so I doubt it's interference.
  10. One more bit of info: audio bars on the receiver hits max of 2/5 bars at her loudest singing so it's not overloading the signal, and I don't hear the clicks at her loudest singing in the recording, just more for mid-volume sustained notes. (though her voice could be drowning it out)
  11. It's an apple lossless file so shouldn't be any compression/artifacts. emailing you a wav version too. The clicks only happen when she's singing. Everything is factory. Balanced high-shielded cables. Clicks only happening on the headset. tried using multiple board inputs with same result. I don't hear clicking with any other instrument or mic.
  12. I just set up a XD-V75HS system, but i'm getting clicking coming from the headset. I haven't been able to trace down where it's coming from though. I've tried: Different Body pack Different headset (countryman H6, vocals/green band strength) a Relay G50 receiver. All of which still generate the clicks. I see no errors in the status screen of the receiver. The belt pack is no more than 6 feet away from the receiver. I've tried high power and low power modes. The only thing i haven't done yet is run it through a different mixer (currently running it through the StageScape m20D). Here is a sample recording from the mixer: Any ideas of what might be causing it?
  13. It's not there. It goes from Channel -> Power -> Model -> Name. Looking at the pack startup info, it's on software V2.01. I'll double-check if there's a firmware update later tonight.
  14. I have the V75 handheld setup, and the mic and receiver have an encryption mode. I just bought a V75-BP belt pack to use with it so i can use a lav or instrument mic with it, but I don't see the crypto option on the belt pack. Is this just an option for the handheld, or is this something that might appear via a firmware update?
  15. I set up a subgroup that only contains one effect to let me easily mute and adjust the output of it at the main screen. When mixing with two iPads, though, toggling the mute on the subgroup doesn't seem to affect the other iPad (one shows it muted, the other shows it un-muted). Is anyone else running in to this?
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