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  1. If you want a Line6 response, opening up a trouble ticket is your sure-fire way of getting one!
  2. This is the only reason I'm looking for a new mixer; the m20d has been a fantastic piece of gear for me; I just out-grew it.
  3. Honestly, looking at the graphics and interface for the newly announced TF series mixers from Yamaha, I wouldn't be surprised if that's where the m20 dev team went to. My only complaint about the m20 has been the lack of more monitors; It has treated me really well in the last two years, but the band I'm with has just out-grown the mixer. I need another 6 or so inputs and 3 more monitor sends for our larger shows (1 more monitor send for our smaller shows). The digital snake option is also starting to become more needed for me.
  4. Note: This is assuming you want both sounds heard at the same time. if you just want one or the other, then you can turn transmitter A off then turn transmitter B on and vice versa.
  5. You need two receivers as well, as each receiver can only pick up one signal, though two G55 receivers side by side will fit in one 1U rack space.
  6. All of the XLR inputs on the board can also accept TRS (the hole in the center)
  7. m20D --wired connection to LAN port--> router <--wireless connection-- iPad
  8. Correct. Router settings shouldn't need to change from defaults. the M20D grabs an IP from DCHP, so does the iPad. The only setting you *might* need to change is if there is a wifi security setting that prevents wifi connections from talking with other local connections. I don't think the airport has that setting, though the Linksys might
  9. make sure it's plugged in to the lan side port of the router. Use the Apple USB to Ethernet adapter on the M20D.
  10. The dropouts were because we were in the back of the room, not on stage. I haven't had any issues with the line6 gear on stage. You'll get more issues if you ever do corporate-type gigs with buildings that have a TON of wifi; that's where the QLX-D gear will really shine.
  11. As a modern software developer, I can say you are entirely incorrect. This image shows how many different hardware/os configurations an android developer has to support: Android-fragmentation.png vs iOS: ios_fragmentation.png-900x424.png. This images shows the different screen sizes that you have to take in to account as an android dev vs iOS dev: screen-sizes-android-ios.png. IDE's might make it easier to port a code base, but the UI elements are hell to manage on android, and the fact that each hardware implementation of android is different makes any app much more susceptible to bugs because you can't test on each hardware model without a significant time and cost commitment. Bottom line: iOS: stable code, stable hardware, less likely to crash especially in a mission-critical environment (i.e. running sound)
  12. Old gear (like 70's) might have issues with phantom power and you want to be careful. New gear might have some pops as you plug/unplug the gear but that's it. They call it 'phantom' power because things that don't care about it don't notice it's there.
  13. Small-med venues i love the line6 gear. Med to larger venues, unless you have good line of sight and/or the better directional antennas, the Shure QLX-D is just a bit more reliable as it's out of the 2.4ghz band (6GHz i believe), though it is also twice-ish the cost. For most musicians I'd recommend the Line6 gear as the best bang for the buck by far. The G90 probably would have been good for you as well, but trust is big. You'll be happy with the Shure. My basis for comparison: I had a V75 mic setup (RF-1 mode) when we had a crowd of people blocking the line of sight between me and the receiver. and the bass player had the QLX-D wireless rig. He was about to go about 25 feet further before dropouts.
  14. Any other secret startup tricks or hidden screens for us geeks?
  15. If memory serves, it might be able to detect the firmware file on the SD card at boot-up, bypassing the rest of the startup procedure, but it's been a while since I had to update firmware. I'd take silverhead's suggestion and open up a ticket.
  16. I assume you power cycled it again to no avail. I'd then try re-loading the newest firmware on there, but if it still happens I'm betting you'll need to send it in for repair.
  17. One other thing to keep in mind, if your wifi router is placed right next to the XD-V receivers, you're blasting the receivers with interference; put as much distance between them as possible! Also, elevate both above the crowd if at all possible; people's bodies do affect signal if they're blocking line of sight.
  18. I'm guessing it's a low voltage signal, so maybe cat5e/6 cable with XLR ends put on?
  19. Well someone dropped my Handheld transmitter on my St Patrick's day gigs and I need to buy some replacement parts. I found the Battery cover (easy) and the Battery PCB (50-02-5020 Rev A) on, but I only see the battery housing for the 'V35 and V70' (part number 30-27-0439). The part pictured looks physically different from the one in my mic; anyone know if that is in fact the same part for the V75 handheld? If not, anyone know the actual part number and/or a place that I can order these replacement parts to fix my mic (US, Seattle area if it matters)?
  20. The only downside to each setup is if you're playing break music through the mixer as well, as loading a setup will bring all outputs down to -∞
  21. Apparently I just had to re-seat (unscrew and re-screw) the capsule and it works fine, thank dog....
  22. Phantom power is off. Reproducible at home as well :P
  23. I pulled out my V75 handheld for a gig this weekend after not using it for a couple months, and every time I muted/unmuted the mic there was a loud audible click. I tried three different channels and it happened in all of them. It's running in RF1 mode. I will be trying it at home again to see if it was something to do with that venue specifically, but I was wondering if anyone else has had similar issues?
  24. What me and another violinist do is use Velcro (the heavy duty type) to attach the transmitter to the underside body of the violin. Granted if you have a nice acoustic violin this is not the most optimal situation... (we both have electric types without the big resonance chambers).
  25. in regards to running the M20d on stage running wifi to FoH, that can sometimes be annoying depending on the quality of the wifi signal in the room; i've had some rooms where the 'noise' is so bad i can't go more than 20 feet without the iPad dropping constantly, though a good workaround is running a cat5e/cat6 cable to a wifi router to the FoH area; that should eliminate that issue.
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