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  1. The trim is at +40 which is about 70% full. Should I crank up the trim and turn down the fader? Would that increase the recording level? Would the main mix be high enough in the recording?
  2. I was able to easily import and boost the signal in GarageBand but they just want to take it from the SD card and listen to it. I tried using VLC and that let me boost it to 125% volume. Anyone know any windows based free gain booster software for them to play it through?
  3. The main mix output is the one that they generally would be listening to. I am recording main mix and inputs the inputs just so they can go to a specific mic if they need to boost and hear something. If I turn up the trim, the affects the level of the mica as well, correct? I have to have the main outs at +5 or higher and the inputs at +5 or higher and the trim at +40 to get any decent recording levels. I am mixing 10 condensor conference mics.
  4. I am having this issue. I installed the M20D for a board room. They need to record directly to the SD cards to transpose the minutes of the meetings. If I set all the levels to sound good for the room, the recorded levels are almost inaudibly low. If I set the levels to record loud enough (which means setting the trim and outputs very high) then the sound quality is very poor in the room because I can't turn the amps up very much. Mixing in a DAW isn't an option because they just want to take the SD card home and pop it in their laptop and then transpose it. Any ideas?
  5. Jeeper114

    USB recording and wifi

    I tried a PNY 64gb SDXC card and it works flawlessly
  6. Jeeper114

    USB recording and wifi

    Figured it out. Works fine, I had to navigate to the new folder within the M20D
  7. Jeeper114

    USB recording and wifi

    Do you have a link to what a powered usb looks like? Today, I put in a 32gb SDHC Class 10 card and it doesn't seem to recognize it. I have a mac and used the disk utility to erase and format it to FAT32. The card says its sdhc but in the disk utility it says ddxc. Here's a screen shot: (can't figure out how to add a picture) How do I properly format this card? In Mac's disk utility, do I format the partition or do I format the Apple SDXC Reader Media folder?
  8. I need to utilize the iPad app, I tried recording to a USB but ran out of space after recording the inputs and main mix for about 1:45 hours. It was a 16gb card What is the biggest we card that the mixer will take? I currently use the usb to connect to a wired network through an apple lan adapter and it works great Is it possible to hook up a wifi USB adapter and a usb hard drive to record to or is a large sd card the only option with wifi?
  9. Airport Express it is. Thanks again
  10. I tried this and it works perfectly. Thanks so much. Is there anyway to do this with a normal router?
  11. That is my issue. I do not have physical access to either routers that are creating the wireless networks. At church, we rent the space from a museum and we use their wireless. And the install is at a township building where the routers are not accessible. Here is what I am trying to do: M20D wired connection to --> LAN port of Linksys router or Airport Express to wireless connection to --> Wireless network <-- Wireless connection - Ipad Is this possible? I can easily do this: M20D wired connection to --> LAN port of Linksys router or Airport Express <-- Wireless connection - Ipad
  12. On the iPad, Am I connecting to the router that is plugged into the M20D or am I just connecting to the wireless network? How is the linksys router connected to the existing wireless network? I do not have access to the routers that create the wireless network.
  13. So the LAN, is that the "Ethernet" port, the one listed 1-4 and not the "internet" port? Do I need to change any settings on the router? Am I connecting to the router that is plugged into the M20D or am I just connecting to the wireless network?
  14. I have been experiencing connection issues in the past using the USB dongles. I have decided to scrap the USB dongles all together. I have the apple usb adapter and it works perfectly. I have both the apple airport express and a linksys router ( I have 2 M20D's, 1 for our church and one for an install I am doing). I have tested both the airport express and the linksys and I can connect to them with the ipad with no issues and its much faster than the USB. My question is, can I use this setup to connect the M20D to my existing wireless network? And if so, can you explain how to do it either router, the Apple Airport Express and a Cisco Linksys WRT110? With my install, I'd rather not have to instruct them to switch wireless networks when trying to connect to the M20D. It is being installed in a township building in their main meeting space. I'd prefer to use the Linksys in the township building and the Airport Express in our church. Any help would be appreciated! B)