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  1. Line 6 expression pedals use TS rather then TRS connections, its a bit odd and also not mentioned in the helix manual. Luckily my dod mini expression has an option for this, when i used it in TRS mode it gave me some really odd results, as soon as I switched to TS mode all was fine. The dunlop dvp4 doesn't have a TR switch, but try a standard mono cable rather than a TRS one. That will short the R and S poles together and give you in effect the same thing.
  2. I have the DOD mini expression pedal https://digitech.com/en/products/dod-mini-expression works perfect, you need to set it to TS mode. Expression pedals for the helix need to be the TS type ( Tip / Sleeve ) rather than the far more common TRS type ( Tip / Ring / Sleeve ) . I didn't realise this at first and found TRS pedals could work fine one moment, then start doing odd stuff then next, so whatever pedal you get make sure it is a TS type with a resistance of around 10 to 20K. That's why people go for the mission pedal, its set up correctly for the slightly odd way line 6 kit works. If you cant find a TS pedal you like, you can try running a TRS pedal but using a standard mono lead to connect it rather than the more usual stereo lead expression pedals use. That will convert it to TS, but its a bit of a gamble if the resistance will be to high to use reliably.
  3. that's great, thanks very much :)
  4. Hello, on the Helix HX does a send/return loop count as one of the effect slots? I.E. if I have 2 loops set up, can I then only use 7 effects on the HX rather than 9. From the manual it looks like that’s the case, but I’ve not yet got one to test this out on. Can the stereo inputs be used as dual mono inputs? I.E. 2 independent effect paths, with 9 mono effects distributed across them. So I could process 2 different sound sources with different effects. I realise this can be achieved using a send/return loop as an input and output, but as per the first part of the post I don’t know if this then reduces the number of effects I could use.
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