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  1. rubytopaz

    Helix FAQ

    I have two L2ts waiting for my pre-ordered Helix to arrive. What would be the best setting on the L2t for Helix, when using the L6 Link? I couldn't find a setting that I really liked with the HD500x. when using the electric guitar setting, the HD500x guitar models and reverbs sounded OK, but strident and my guitar synths, hooked up to the mixer section, sounded weird. In reference mode (which is the happy medium that I settled on) my guitar synths and the HD500x reverbs sounded good, but the HD500x models sounded "wooofy". I'm betting that the Helix sounds WAY better, but what are you guys setting the L2t to? I want the reverbs, guitar synths AND the modeling to all sound equally good...full clear, articulate and punchy. I'll have the Helix hooked up via L6 Link and the guitar synths will input into the mixer section.
  2. rubytopaz

    Helix FAQ

    Thanks, I'll check it out.
  3. rubytopaz

    Helix FAQ

    Thanks, but my problem is the interfaces. They both have eight ins. Using SMUX ADAT only allows you to add eight channels to the existing eight on the main unit when recording at 96k. Anyway...I can't wait to get my Helix!
  4. rubytopaz

    Helix FAQ

    Thanks DI. That would be optimal, but I'm on a PC. It's a powerful PC, but being it's not a Mac, I guess I'm stuck. Too bad. I've been trying to find a way to record 24-32 tracks, at 96k, simultaneously. Thanks for the info!
  5. rubytopaz

    Helix FAQ

    I see what you're saying, but in my case the 8 in / 8 out is not needed. In my studio I have eight channels of drums going into my Focusrite Octopre, connected through SMUX ADAT (to record at 96k) to the Liquid 56, which handles guitars, bass vocals etc., using outboard mic pres (Vintech, Daking, UA, Api, etc.)...so I just want to get my Helix recorded the best way possible, without disturbing what I already have. I pre-ordered and have great hopes that this might replace my huge Vetta rig in some, if not all, applications
  6. rubytopaz

    Helix FAQ

    Thanks!!! That's what I need to do. I don't know why I didn't think of that (maybe because it's not in front of me. Right now I' m using four Heil mics for the two open back 2x12 cabs and the two 4x12 closed back cabs run by my Vetta II head. The wet part of the wet/dry setup is going into a mixer connected by SPDIF. I'll use that. Thanks again! BTW...the reason I thought it was a Helix question, and not a Cubase question, is that Helix is an interface as well, so I thought you guys might know (and Steinberg might not kniw about Helix and it's abilities).
  7. rubytopaz

    Helix FAQ

    Asked before, but didn't get a reply. I want to try and record directly into Cubase Pro 8 with Helix. Do I have to use Helix as my sole interface, or can it live alongside my main Focusrite firewire interface ( I don't want to have to have to change the interface in Cubase or change where the speakers are connected, just to lay down a guitar track)
  8. rubytopaz

    Helix FAQ

    I have 16 inputs from my Focusrite Liquid 56 and Octopre going into Cubase Pro 8. If I connect the Helix to my computer via USB, would Cubase see it or would the Focusrite get in the way (If I can't go digitally through USB, I guess I could always just go analog and go stereo into two API mic pres)?
  9. Hi Rowbi, If you were addressing my post, I have a whole setlist that I use with my two DT50 heads and two 4x12 cabs, these are all pre only, no full amp models. They did sound better than the full amp models in combo/power amp and electric guitar settings, but the full models, with cabs, mics and air, sound better going into the mixer inputs and set to reference PA. This way, as I mentioned before, I can get another L2t and add my Roland GR55 guitar synth in full range. Also, when I recorded the POD HD500 and DT50, I would run out of the cab emulated XLR on the back of the DT50 into a VP28 (API console preamp) and that sounded great. I can now do the same with the out on the L2t and get the cab, mic and air recorded or send the same sound I hear to a PA. Right now, live and in the studio, I have all my Vetta II HD amp models, modulation and distortion fx going to my two 2x12 and two 4x12 cabs (one of each on each side in stereo). My Vetta reverbs and delay, rack mounted reverbs in Vetta fx loop, Acoustic, Roland GR 55 and GR33 guitar synths going into a rack mounted mixer into two M-Audio PA cabs. Buying another L2t and using the HD500x and GR55 in stereo with full amp, cab, mic and air, as I mentioned above, would truly be a very small footprint recration of my big rig. Thanks!
  10. It's a moot point. I got my L2t. I tried it with the L6 link, combo-power amp and electric guitar. I did not like it at all. It sounded thin, small and boxy. I got two xlr cords and came out of the left and right outs of my POD HD500x into channels one and two of the L2t and set it to reference PA. It sounded...AWESOME! Big, fat, detailed and responsive. Love it. I'm thinking of getting another and going stereo and, when I need to do a small thing, take my GR55 guitar synth and adding that. Using two amp models at once in a patch is the closest I've come to sounding like my Vetta rig(no cigar, but definitely the closest I've come replicating my sound in a small pckage). If only they would add a 53 tweed Deluxe and a Marshall with a Variax, I'd be there.
  11. I have a massive Vetta hd setup ( http://www.rubytopaz.com/gear.htm) with four cabinets and two pa speakers (stereo wet/dry setup) that I use live and in the studio (I also have a smaller vetta combo with two 2x12 cabs for smaller gigs). Love line 6! I recently traded my POD HD 500 for the 500x. I'm using it in the studio with two DT50 heads (L6 Link) and two 4x12 cabs...way too loud! After seeing the video on youtube, I purchased an L2t that will arrive tomorrow. I have been searching everywhere (manuals for both 500x and L2t, line 6 website and forum, google search) and I can't find optimal setup instructions anywhere. If this is supposed one of the "dream rigs," why isn't there any literature on it. I want to use full models, with mic and air, via L6 link. I can't find the info. This page was the only one I found addressing it. You stated that Line 6 suggests using combo power amp setting. Where would I find that info? Thanks
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