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  1. Yes im using the "Send", but the mixer only takes XLR The main outputs go to a stereo amp and 2 guitar cabs.
  2. Yes; i want to route the output of the parallel path, with an IR and a stereo reverb after it. so, trs stereo to 2x xlr into my mixer at the xlr inputs its a HX stomp by the way, thanks!
  3. what kind of cable do i need to use the "send" in stereo to my mixer? i split my signal using a ir to the send out to my mixer but want to go stereo. please advise.
  4. Im having the same issue; usb connection keeps droping, ive been trough many usb cables and all fail the same. is there a fix to this problem?
  5. Say i have a stereo preset, going to two amps and two cabs (one L, one R), if i unplug one output, does it automatically makes it mono?
  6. im also interested in this! i have a usb 3 footswitch pedal that i use for youtube start/stop etc.. but i want to be able to change snapshots on hx native inside my daw (reaper) Anyone knows how? its NOT a midi footswitch; its a regular usb one.
  7. You can turn on/off blocks; say you have 6 “on” in snapshot 1 but only 4 on snapshot 2 etc
  8. I would recomend a cheap combo amp, with a good speaker. Just make sure it has a loop so you can bypass it's preamp. You would go: guitar-HXStomp-combo's loop return Disable cabs/IR on the stomp (1 less block to use!)
  9. Is it ok to connect hx stomp through a trs to xlr balanced cable to a mixer’s mic input with global phantom power on?
  10. ....If i want helix native on both my desktop AND laptop?
  11. What if i use a TS to XLR instrument cable? does it block Phantom power?
  12. is this really necesary? to use a phantom power blocker i mean..... i am planing on using a TRS to XLR cable from my HX Stomp into my mixer, which has Phantom power turned on globally (all its inputs).....
  13. delays and reverb do not sound as good before the IR.....(IR at last block)
  14. yes, that would take a block! also, the global eq, which i use, does not go out to "send"
  15. Can i get one output with a cab (ir) and another without? i want to send one to the loop return of my combo (the one without cab/ir) and the other one, with everything to front of house. How do i do it? Thanks!
  16. does the loop take an extra block on the hx stomp? say, if i use an external od, does it mean i only have 5 blocks left?
  17. I still have a week left of the demo, but i´m leaving town for about 10 days; could i put the time left i have on hold untill i get back?
  18. i can´t get any sound out of my PC, i used it as a soundcard, worked fine for years but now i just cant get sound! everything seems fine, updated to latest driver in line6 monkey, and the Little speaker icon shows movement but no sound. I even installed it to another PC (my laptop) and cant get sound either! what should i do? get another interface? please help!!
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