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  1. Thank you very much Triryche, this is a clever solution but what I want is to record the specific sound of the guitar amp whitout mike and whitout a balanced amp output (because the amp did not have that). My idea was to use a DI box through the only amp output, that is the phones output and bring the signal to the Mic input of the Pod. Could be some impedance issues? (sorry for poor english xD)
  2. Hi there Line6 users! Do you know what impedance use the Pod studio UX2 in Instrument inputs (active and passive) and in Line inputs? I' ve done a weird thing but it can work IMHO: I've plugged in the line input my little guitar amp through the phones output but the recorded guitar make a lot of noise. Perhaps must I put a DI box between the amplifier's phones output and the pod and connect the the DI box output to a Pod's Mic input? Thx, and keep on rockin'!
  3. Thank you guys! Now the problem is partially solved! Changing the drivers the mics inputs and the instrument inputs works, but I have another question for you: how can I record both inputs, instrument and mic1, at the same time? When I select "Instrument and mic1" from midi device control board, Nuendo only detects Instrument inputs and line1 and line2 inputs, but the bigger problem is in Pod Farm. Why when I select the inputs form the mixer view this happens: If i select on Input1 "mic1", in the Input2 slot there is only "mic2" selectable but if I select "Instrument" for Input1, in Input2 are selectables all the inputs connections of the Pod. Using this method however I have the same rig tone for the device plugged in Instrument (on Input1) and the other one plugged in Mic1 (on Input2)! Please help me, i'm just a little confused about this! Sorry for the big question! :)
  4. Hi Line6 users and staffers! I'm using my Pod Studio UX2 with Nuendo 4 but I have an outstanding problem. In the Nuendo's VST connection window, the software only detects the mic1 and mic2 input busses. How can I enable the others input entrances like "instrument" or "line1" and "line 2"? The ASIO drivers is Asio4All v2 or Asio UX2. Thx and keep on rockin' guys!
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