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  1. Thank you. Kind of what I thought, but wasn't sure. My M5 had a bit of noise, but not as bad as the HX Effects. However, the Decimator has solved quite a bit of the problem. I had thought about having a noise gate block on all patches that isn't controlled by a footswitch or controller, but I couldn't figure it out. I love the effects, but I could have gotten an M9 and done what I needed. The big deal, for me, was the editor. Live and learn. Thanx again!
  2. I'm having a similar problem. I bought an M5 a while back and used it from 2006 or so until 2019 exclusively, on my pedal board, powered by a Godlyke PowerAll. No issues whatsoever. I got an HX Effects to replace it and a friend wanted to use the M5, so I gave it to him. He never was able to get it to work. The message FLASH UPDATE MODE WAITING COMMAND... He uses a Dunlop DC PowerBrick and the power out of a Boss Noise Suppressor pedal to power his board. Both give the same message. I bring it home and hook it up with the PowerAll and it works immediately. Has anyone had the same issue? I'd really like to get this fixed for him. Thanx.
  3. Well, my HX Effects is allergic to my Godlyke PowerAll. I got out the funky power supply that came with the unit and it was extremely quiet. Not sure why, but that was the issue. Not sure why the power supply was created as it was. It doesn't fit in any rack or power strip easily. To "fix" the issue, I carry the funky power supply as a backup and have included a Decimater noise suppressor. It does a great job. Onward and upward.
  4. I must be a stupid old man... no one has replied.. I had a thought... I'm using a One Spot power supply to power the pedal board the HX Effects is on. I hated the power supply that came with the HX Effects. Who came up with that design? I am going to test using the original and see if the problem goes away. If that doesn't work, I will attempt to add a static noise gate on each distortion/overdrive patch. Hopefully this stupid old man isn't the only one that is having this problem.
  5. Just had some time to set things up and play with the rig. Ran the above routing into my Dr. Z MAZ-38 2X10. The amp makes no difference. I have a Blues Jr. and a Line 6 AX2 (Matchless patch) and they both do the same thing. I get a slight noise when no effects are active that throbs in time with the tap tempo light. Still have a lot of noise/hum on the overdrive/distortion patches. I reversed the polarity of the power supply; no change. I have an Ebtec Hum Eliminator and put that between the pedal board and the amp; no change. So, I am beginning to think it has to be the way I have the signal path routed. Dunlop volume pedal > Vox Wah > Xotic BB+ > Vertex UltraPhonix > HX Effects > to amp I'm old and new to this thing, so I'm sure there is some magic in there I haven't figured out yet. If the placement in the path above is causing this, then where should I put it? 1st in the path? Will do some more playing an report back if I figure it out. Thanx in advance for any ideas.
  6. I've been using my HX Effects live quite a bit and love it. The modulation and delay effects are pristine. No noise and they just do what they are supposed to. The distortion/overdrive patches have a huge 60 cycle hum. I had a similar problem on the same board with my old M5, but it wasn't quite as loud. Before I jump into the great ground loop rabbit hole, could the placement on my board be the issue? Here's how it's set up: Dunlop volume pedal > Vox Wah > Xotic BB+ > Vertex UltraPhonix > HX Effects > to amp Could that chain cause the problem? Right now, I use it a lot with a TrueTone OneSpot power supply. I've tried reversing polarity (unplug & replug swapped 180) and it doesn't help. I have heard, recently, an Ebtech hum eliminator will help, but have yet to try that. I also have a PedalSnake set up to run it when I have the time to set that up. The power supply is similar, but from another manufacturer. I use the same power supply from my rack thru the PedalSnake. Same issues. Overdrive & distortion patches have hum... nothing else does. I have not modified the output volumes, so they are as when it came out of the box. Thanks in advance.
  7. Ludie

    New to HX Effects

    I finally figured it out... with no help from the manual. I guess I just don't understand a lot of what's going on in the manual. However, I've gotten it to work and it's definitely a step up from my M5! Glad I bought it.
  8. Ludie

    New to HX Effects

    Will do... since I deal with that every day, being a lazy man, I was hoping it was easier. I'll have some in depth reading to do this weekend! Thank you for the reply.
  9. Ludie

    New to HX Effects

    I've used line 6 stuff for a while... From my AX2-212 to my JTV-59 Variax. I have the M9 and M5 pedals and found them fairly easy to program/set up for live performance. I just bought an HX Effects... looks very promising, and the biggest thing is HX Edit to edit and store the patches. Working in IT for 50 years, I never thought I would get a pedal that would rival some of the software I've worked with. I guess with all that power, it is necessary. Basically, I want to set up different pedal boards; each with 6 presets. I don't see how to do that. Snapshot? I'll get it, but this 68 year old is struggling with it. Is there an HX Effects for dummies? ;-)
  10. I bought a spare battery when I got my JTV-59. The original battery charges fine. The spare only charges to the point where I get two green lights on the back of the guitar when I install it. Is it defective, or is there a way to drain it and charge fully?
  11. I have one of these and use it for personal rehearsal. Some time back, I noticed a site where they would replace the plunger to pad switch on circuit board with a real footswitch wired to the board. I know they did the big pedals and the old floorboard I used with my AX2, but I can't seem to find them. I'd love to have mine redone with the other footswitches.
  12. Hopefully this is related... I purchased a JTV-59 (factory refurbished) a while ago and it's been my main guitar for most projects. Beats taking 12 guitars for tunings, etc. I wanted to have a replacement battery, just because. Got one from Line 6 and it is identical to the one that came with it. The one that came with the guitar charges just fine and holds the charge for a while. The replacement I ordered, seems to charge, but when I put it in the guitar, I only get 2 green lights plugging it into the guitar, no matter how long I've left it in the charger. Anyone else had this issue? Thanx.
  13. I had to do that with my 600. It fixed it for a while, but then I had to have it serviced. I'm hoping it fixes the problem with the JTV59. Thank you.
  14. No one has had this problem, or any similar problem?
  15. I have a Variax 600. Back years ago, when I would play, it would occasionally sound as if someone was flicking the 5 position switch between patches. I tracked it down to be the dreaded coffin shielding issue. I coated the coffin in liquid electrical tape and it stopped. I then bought a Variax 700 and had no problems. Wanting the additional magnetic pickups, I then ordered a JTV59. It has served me well since I bought it. Up until this weekend, occasionally, I would get sounds that appeared to be a loose connection in my wireless, or a bad cable. I would switch cables and it worked fine. This weekend, it was the only guitar I brought that had problems. My PRS Custom 24 worked fine with the wireless and all cables. I'm wondering if there were any issues with this model. It is a factory refurbished unit, but looked/played/sounded brand new from the beginning. I don't know off the top of my head what version of flash I'm using. I haven't hooked it up to HD Workbench in at least a year, but can check it out if it will help. Thank you in advance.
  16. I've been toying with the idea of buying a treble booster, but wanted to see if I could come close with something on my M9. Anyone know what frequencies are being boosted? Could I emulate it with one of the EQ patches? Just curious.
  17. I have my X3 Live mounted to a Pedaltrain PT-2 (I think); the one that comes with the metal attache case. The case is padded, but not very much; maybe a half inch or less. While loading in, it fell off my cart onto the concrete walkway... about 18 inches or so. Nothing appeared to be broken and there weren't even any marks on the case. Set up for the gig and plugged it up. Everything worked fine, except the footswitches for the Stomp, Mod, & Delay. Stepping on those switches does nothing. I can go down to the control panel and turn them on and off, but that is quite a pain during live perfromance. Would a reset/reflash/whatever fix it? All the other switches on the top row work fine. I don't have the money to get it fixed if repair is the way to go, so I'll have to figure something out. Thanx
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