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  1. blenn72

    TriAxis 4CM and noise

    I'm having the exact same issues with my Orange Rockerverb III and Brunetti Mercury. It's definitely the Helix (did not do the with my Fractal AX8 which I sold, stupidly).
  2. blenn72

    New Helix User - Noisy Preamp Using 4CM

    I am having the exact same thing with my Orange Rockerverb MKIII and my Brunetti Mercury. The hiss and jitter noise is woeful. Disconnect the helix, completely, and it's bliss. The Helix is definitely the source of the woes. So I too am looking for a solution before I need to sell my helix. p.s. Had issues with my Fractal AX8 in the same 4CM scenario. I have sold that. ARGHHHHHH!!!
  3. blenn72

    Control external gear via MIDI in snapshot mode?

    Hi, Phil - could you post the preset, for this? Many thank in advance.
  4. blenn72

    Helix editor?! When?! Now

    Any more updates on when the editor will be available?