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Found 8 results

  1. hello there. I have an issue with my pod x3 pro. I was playing my guitar last night and decided to update the rack system. I plugged the ethernet wire by mistake and after 15 seconds a 'blup blup blup' sound came and system turned off to not open anymore. I check the fuse, it's not about it. Please help ! :((((
  2. I own a X3 Pro and a X3 Live and I want to backup the X3 Pro and put these sounds to the X3 Live, so I switched to Kubuntu on the machine I used in my rehearsal room for recording, etc. AFAIK drivers are available by the actual Kernel/release but I'm not sure if A: these are only for soundcard purposes and B: f there's any software out that let me get my sounds from one Pod and put it on the other? Does anybody know such software or is there a way to use the line6 tools under kubuntu without the need of a virtual machine? WINE maybe?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm quite new to the MIDI thing. Say we have two PODs (X3 Pro and HD Pro) in a band and we want the DAW to change programs/presets automatically on both units. From what I've learned I need two midi tracks in my DAW. One set to Channel 1 (X3 Pro), one set to Channel 2 (HD Pro). Corresponding channels are set in the System settings of both PODs. The routing is the following: DAW (Logic Pro X) --> USB to midi cable --> X3 Pro midi in --> X3 Pro midi out --> HD Pro midi in. Problem Markers in midi track 1 (X3 Pro) do make changes on Pod X3, but markers in track 2 (HD Pro) do nothing. The only way it works is setting HD Pro to Channel 1 as well, but then changes are made simultaneously to the same preset (1A on both with program value set to 0, for instance), which is not quite usable. Any ideas?
  4. Hi there, I have the Pod X3 Pro. I have had what I believe to be the same issue in this legacy post - It did the pop thing and then died and didn't switch back on. So, as well out of the warranty, and I as I imagine costly to send to the nearest service centre in the UK, I decided to follow the advice on that post. Everything worked fine as expected.... I found the fuse OK, But - as per the image below it seems to state 2.5amp slo-blow fuse is required. However the moderator posted in that post to replace with a 1 amp slo blo fuse. So, I've scoured the web a little bit and it appears other people have mentioned 2amp fuses, 1.5 amp fuses as replacements etc for the x3 pro!... So, I am all confused now!! Which fuse should I use to replace with?? Frustratingly, I actually have a 1amp, a 2amp and a 3 amp slo blo fuse lying around,!! Just not a 2.5 amp one!!.... So, which should I use? One of the 1,2 or 3 amp ones - or look around to see if I can get a 2.5 amp one??. It seems a lot of work for a 50 pence fuse! ;-) Thank you in advance G.
  5. Well I entered the RiffRumble24, just about at the last minute, lol. If you want to check it out here's the link, "Beer Breaker 19". If you like it please give me a good "Shout". If you do "Shout" only do it once, multiple shouts may disqualify. Thanks hope you get a kick out of it. Headphones or a good stereo will always sound better. The SoundCloud Link >>
  6. I dug up my old Silver Eagle D-104 microphone, put a new battery in it and wired it up for an XLR. Then I connected it my X3 Pro, cranked it up and it sounded great. Anyone else using vintage microphones with these devices?
  7. Was using my X3 Pro and figured I'd give my ears a break from the headphones so I plugged the Jambox into the headphone jack and started playing. Wow, totally surprised me. I'll be using this little thing like this often. I also like the VOX Mini 3 for this purpose, but when you need a big sound that doesn't bother other people and you don't feel like using headphones the Jambox works. Anyone else use tiny speakers like this lately?
  8. I have a pod x3 pro rack unit and I want to use my soldano tube preamp to fatten up the sound. What would be the best way to connect the two? Can i just run guitar-soldano-line 6, or do i have to run the preamp in the effects loop? Will the preamp do damage to my x3? I would like to have the soldano carry the weight and use the x3 for cab simulation and effects. Any ideas?
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