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IOS v Android Remote App functionality


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Quick enquiry please - from looking at the video tutorials of the Remote App (for obvious reasons all mainly hosted on Apple platforms) Ive noticed slight differences in functionality compared with the Android build that Ive installed on Samsung phone and Note.


A couple of pieces of functionality e.g. uploading tones to hardware/cloud etc. have workarounds so no drama, what I have found missing on the Android build is the ability to slow the track that is playing to half speed (please refer to the image - the "timer" icon is absent on Android); so.....


Is there a way to play a track at half speed on the Android build or has this functionality not been provided? If it hasnt, any plans to provide in future releases?


Many thanks to anyone kind enough to comment



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Yes bump please.

I just watched the tutorial (which is on an Apple device) and found there are differences in where certain button/functions are on the Android screen.

But I was able to figure them out.


But as the OP said- I can't see where the half speed button is for learning the songs.


I have a fast paced song I want to learn but it is too fast!



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I think it is a hardware issue.  The apple's have better signal processing hardware, so they can slow the song to half speed, without changing the key, and feed it to the amp.   Android hardware doesn't (as a rule) have the heavy metal necessary to do this.  Implementing it in software would be painful...

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