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Can you select a patch with the expression pedal


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You could experiment with a setup that could simulate a patch switch, but I doubt that it would be very successful.


The setup would involve a dual path preset with the different elements in each path being controlled on/off using the toe switch. If set up properly the toe switch would turn one combination of amp/FX on while simultaneously turning the other combination off. But I suspect you would quickly run out of DSP unless the paths are really simple.


Is there some situation where you think this would be more useful than simply using two patches and switching normally using a footswitch?

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I have a solution for you. Virtually all my patches use the exp pedal to go from a rhythm sound to a lead sound. Forward is the lead sound. I do this because I'm a singer and don't like to look down all the time while I'm singing - riding the pedal doesn't require looking. Another useful aspect is that you can kick in a lead line instantly while you are comping. Also you can get nice in between tones.


When you hit the pedal foot switch you are already forward, on the lead sound, and the wah kicks in.


Setting up the patches is fairly easy once you get the hang of it. If you are using the same amp for both patches, you can either change the amp and fx settings with the pedal control, or if you want to use a dist pedal for only the lead tone, then you have to create dual paths before the amp, with one path holding the dist ped. If you want two different amps, then put each amp on a separate path and pan between them.


Oddly, the fact that the wah only works with the pedal in the forward position forced me to get a separate exp pedal so I can have wah on my clean sounds too. Even with two pedals you can still do what you want, just don't use the extra pedal on the particular patch.

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