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Can anybody explain THIS to me?


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Well, i spent weeks and weeks and weeks manipulating parameters for the levels (I use 4cm with evh5150 iii). Now this is my situation:


I use everything in path A, because I want A and B completely separated:


guitar input --> normal

Fx loop send: -6db

Fx loop return 0

Return switch: LINE LEVEL


mixer level -1,5 db panned ALL LEFT



And with these settings it seems finally that my amp works like without the HD500, levels and distortions seems to be perfect.




If I use a chorus or a time based effect after the FX loop block, the sound is flanging and with too trebles. Before is Perfect

If I use a delay after the FX loop I must increase feedback and mix for have repeats audible. Before Fx loop it works good.


I tried also to build a preset with A and B together (like default), but the problem is the same. 

Why is my loop working that way? Is the M13 so hateful like this pedalboard?

I can't believe how many hours I spent for tweaking.



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What do you have the input for Path B set to, and do you have Path B muted in the mixer block? It sounds to me that perhaps you have the input for Path B set to same, and could possibly still be sending a signal through path B. That might be why you have the weird sound when you put an effect after the effects loop. You might be getting phase cancellation from the two signals not matching up with one another. That's the one thing that comes to mind.

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I'm reading carefully this thread:


What can happen if I increase the return level of my fx loop? I mean, maybe my problem is too little signal flowing from pod return to time based effects, and too much flowing from output to poweramp. 

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Hi evh5150combo, that thread you mention is, imho not correct, if you put a mono bock, say noise gate, or amp, in pre position, plus input one guitar, and input two variax, (assume you just use a normal guitar, if you're using a variax, than it is the other way around, ) the input gain is correct. Try this; set all other effects in path A before the mixer, and set path to center, and mute path B, Huub.

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Thanks Huub, unfortunately It's the same. If I use my echo platter delay and use it after FX loop, it sounds weak and not audible. mix needs to be at least 70% and feedback 85% in this way i can hear only 2 or 3 repeats. If I put that delay before fx loop voilà I have multiple repeats and better quality. What am I missing????

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Hello evh5150, if...i said,... if your using input 1 guitar, and input 2, same, remember i said if..., then , imho, the input is 6 db to high, the way i discribed in my post ( Mr. Hurganico thinks the same), then it is a normal guitar input level. If you then set your effectsloop send back to 0db, (a correction of the , to high input in the ...if...situation), then your input after the loop is 6db louder, it makes a lot of difference for the echo platter input, if it is after the loop. You could try it, i could be wrong, hope not, succes, Huub.

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Ok, I've tried, but it does not work. The result is the same. I've noticed that this problem is more pronounced with my 5150 iii distortion channels, it's like the effect placed in the loop is hitting a brick. Are we sure that this unit works good also with real amps? "Is there anybody out there" with this kind of problem? 

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What are your INPUT 1 and INPUT 2 values?

Are all your fx blocks in the PATH A with none before the split and none after the mixer block?

Have you set PATH B to MUTE in the mixer block?


Are you using HD500 FX RETURN L/MONO socket for your return signal from the amp?

What is the MIX value set to in the FX LOOP block?  It should be 100% to avoid any flange type effect from signals being slightly out of synch.


What happens when you increase the FX LOOP RETURN value?  Does it improve the situation or does it make no difference?

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-Input1 is Guitar, Input2 is variax

-Yes all fx are in PATH A with NOTHING before the split and nothing after the mixer. the mixer is at the end of the chain

-Yes, PATH B is MUTED, the loop switch is set to LINE (i also have tried stomp with no results)

-Yes I'm using FX RETURN L/mono and of course OUTPUT L/MONO panned all left (tryed also panned in middle with no results)

-MIX is 100%


I've tried also to increase FX LOOP RETURN from 0 to +6. There's no difference.


It seems like you put something after the FX LOOP block but the HD500 does not put it PHISICALLY there.

This evening I will try with a modded amp, I suspect it will work.


Before buying this unit I have read many feedbacks around internet and I was sure I could use it AS an M13 if needed. But now I think it has its own signal routing and if you have a REAL AMP things may not work properly. maybe I'm wrong but I don't think that the only difference between M13 and HD500 is Expression pedal, amp modelling and number of FX in chain...

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