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  1. The above explained tutorial from Tyler works great, i use it in a little differend way. I set the inputs one to "guitar", and the second to "same", and the mixer faders centred, but on 0db, i have the idea that this way the compressors and the drive effects react more realistic. The mixer's faders on zero instead of +3, and the inputs guitar and same compensate the db lost on the send output, for the rest it is the same as in the video from Tyler posted by "Master" ;) Hurghanico, Huub.
  2. Hello Simbo, in case you use the global eq, be sure that you don't setting it below 10khz, as this has a great impact on the brilliance of the reverb.
  3. Hi Eudoxia, In the early years, 50, 60's, they have to put the echo, tape or drum in front of the amp, because amps had no effectsloop, so, they maybe use stompboxes, ( no compressor, ( stompbox) i think they did'nt excist in that period ) then to the echo unit, and then to the front of the amp, also these echoes on its own have a specific sound in they'r pre-amps, so, maybe line6 modelled these echoes that way, to put them before an HD, or real amp, you can try the dry versions of these echoes, they do not have that virtual echo-pre anp modelled, i hope someone who does know more of this, can confirm this. Huub.
  4. Hi, the pre-amp models don't have the cab dep's, only the full amp models have, so i think your friends tone uses the full amp model, Huub.
  5. Hi, have you registered your product with the serial number?, maybe this helps, you coul'd try it, succes, Huub.
  6. Hello Duncann, I had my hd500 connected, and opened your default 500x list, wich I change from .5xs to h5e, in the 500 edit, the cab's dep low cut is set halfway, wen connected, and the 500 edit program on. Can I ask; are the low cut on the 500x is set at zero or half way in your 500x, thanks, Huub.
  7. I think you are right Mr. Hurganico, it keeps us, or me, bizzy :rolleyes:
  8. Hi Hurganico, you opened also with the hd500 edit?, in the x edit it diffrend, again, my mistake, I think, sorry again, Huub.
  9. Hi all, I think I have to excuse myself :( I downloaded the 500x edit, (altough I don't need it!), and opened the same list from Duncann, and now the cabs dep is set to zero, so, when I reconfigure the list from .5xs to h5e, in 500 edit it is set halfway, but in 500x it is set at zero!!, sorry,...sorry,...sorry, Huub.
  10. for fun i downloaded the default patchlist for the hd500x from Duncann, and changed to .h5e to open with hd500 edit, with succes. From ALL the presets, in the 500x, the caps dep low cut is set half way, (260Hz). In the default setlist for the hd500, all of the the presets cabs low cut are set at zero, (20Hz), also on my hd500, flashmemory 2.32. ...just a little information to confuse further :) , Huub.
  11. Hello evh5150, if...i said,... if your using input 1 guitar, and input 2, same, remember i said if..., then , imho, the input is 6 db to high, the way i discribed in my post ( Mr. Hurganico thinks the same), then it is a normal guitar input level. If you then set your effectsloop send back to 0db, (a correction of the , to high input in the ...if...situation), then your input after the loop is 6db louder, it makes a lot of difference for the echo platter input, if it is after the loop. You could try it, i could be wrong, hope not, succes, Huub.
  12. Hi evh5150combo, that thread you mention is, imho not correct, if you put a mono bock, say noise gate, or amp, in pre position, plus input one guitar, and input two variax, (assume you just use a normal guitar, if you're using a variax, than it is the other way around, ) the input gain is correct. Try this; set all other effects in path A before the mixer, and set path to center, and mute path B, Huub.
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