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where are 8 amps "stored" DT25 w/2.0 update

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you have 4 amps in each channel.  you change amps with the topology switch.  you can use a 3rd party program DT Edit found in the POD HD forum to connect by midi and configure your amps, cabs, mics and reverb to taste.


if you connect with your HD500 you don't need to worry about it because EVERYTHING is done in the POD and the DT gets configured to match.

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keep in mind its STILL a 2 channel amp....

best strategy is to put your lower gain amps on one channel and your higher gain ones on the other...

because remember... it reads the tonestack and channel volume etc for all the topologies on the channel...

the settings that sound killer for that fender twin... will rip yer friggin head clean off if you switch to the uber.....


just get your midi connections and get one of these: http://line6.com/support/topic/124-user-created-dt-editors/

much easier than trying to midi through it yourself. :)

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