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Suggestions for full range portable speaker

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The main use of my fx100 is to run into the pa at church. So I have my amp models dialed in nicely and very pleased with tone.


From time to time I need to play in very small settings and there isn't a Pa to plug into. I don't really want to play through a guitar amp cause that limits you to the voicing of the amp and thus why I adopted amp modeling to start with.


I really like the idea of the little Amplifi amps but it seems silly for me to buy one of those on top of my fx100.


What I'm looking for is a powered full range speaker that is about the size and volume of the Amplifi amps, but something I can just plug into power and plug main out from the fx just like a do a pa. A speaker that gets loud enough for a small room and had enough range to reproduce the models.


Any one have suggestions?

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Not sure what your budget ids, but are you familiar with the Line6 Stage Source?


You can also looking into other Powered PA loudspeakers.

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