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  1. drake_st_milan

    Can't save tones to Firehawk - says downloading presets

    I am having the same problem, I can't load presets from my tones to locations on the firehawk either. My bluetooth was on on my phone, I will see if that makes a difference
  2. drake_st_milan

    Am I a dumbass?

    I always remember it just automatically saving. I guess that changed in one of the updates? So you're saying press and hold until it starts flashing and then press the button again?
  3. drake_st_milan

    Am I a dumbass?

    I bring up a preset, tweak it to what I want... go to the next preset do the same thing. When I go back to the first preset it is exactly the way it was before I started tweaking. I remember it remembering my changes without having to save the newly tweaked patch. I even tried holding down the button until it started flashing... it still didn't save any of my tweaks. WTF am I doing wrong? Do I have to save it to my tones and then reload it?
  4. drake_st_milan

    Are people happy with the Firehawk?

    I wonder how many pages I read trying to find this information?
  5. drake_st_milan

    Firehawk "Cloud"

    I just want to access the damn cloud and download some decent patches
  6. drake_st_milan

    Firmware update

    It's disconcerting when you buy their product and no sooner you get it they announce a new product that makes your unit obsolete. BTW where is this cloud that I can download other users patches? It seems like it should be something fairly easy to access.
  7. drake_st_milan

    Firehawk direct to PA vs. Amp?

    I go left/right out to the pa and feed myself back to the monitor. It helps with stage volume, I can hear what I really sound like and the singer doesn't scream over the top of my amp. Also there is not a beam of guitar like a laser shooting out into that one spot in there bar.
  8. drake_st_milan

    I need a patch...

    I notice on the live vids of this song they have that section pre-recorded. I guess I'll just use an octo vibe, delay and just do it manually on guitar. On the solo they use 4 wahs at the same time, one cry baby, two auto wahs and one in pro-tools. I will just use the one wah and try to simulate the rest with technique
  9. drake_st_milan

    I need a patch...

    I need a patch that will do the beginning of Heavy by Collective Soul. I don't really have the expertise to to write it quickly and I need it tonight... Where can I find the downloads? or if someone can help me out.
  10. Where is the patch library?

  11. drake_st_milan

    Broken firehawk

    Why did it take so long to get? I ordered and had mine within a week.
  12. drake_st_milan

    Stratocasterising My 69s

    I would have bought the 59 if it had a whammy bar, just because the headstock is so hideous on the 69.
  13. drake_st_milan

    Stratocasterising My 69s

    who makes the best neck? Warmouth?
  14. drake_st_milan

    Stratocasterising My 69s

    This is an old topic, but I just picked up a JTV69, the headstock looks like dog poo. I want to put a strat neck on it... so you're saying the angle isn't quite right for just a straight change? I will have Jim Foote do the work and set it up for me, but I'd like to know how much work is involved.
  15. drake_st_milan

    Won't connect vie blue tooth

    i got it, thanks. just needed to forget device