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  1. I am having the same problem, I can't load presets from my tones to locations on the firehawk either. My bluetooth was on on my phone, I will see if that makes a difference
  2. I always remember it just automatically saving. I guess that changed in one of the updates? So you're saying press and hold until it starts flashing and then press the button again?
  3. I bring up a preset, tweak it to what I want... go to the next preset do the same thing. When I go back to the first preset it is exactly the way it was before I started tweaking. I remember it remembering my changes without having to save the newly tweaked patch. I even tried holding down the button until it started flashing... it still didn't save any of my tweaks. WTF am I doing wrong? Do I have to save it to my tones and then reload it?
  4. I wonder how many pages I read trying to find this information?
  5. I just want to access the damn cloud and download some decent patches
  6. It's disconcerting when you buy their product and no sooner you get it they announce a new product that makes your unit obsolete. BTW where is this cloud that I can download other users patches? It seems like it should be something fairly easy to access.
  7. I go left/right out to the pa and feed myself back to the monitor. It helps with stage volume, I can hear what I really sound like and the singer doesn't scream over the top of my amp. Also there is not a beam of guitar like a laser shooting out into that one spot in there bar.
  8. I notice on the live vids of this song they have that section pre-recorded. I guess I'll just use an octo vibe, delay and just do it manually on guitar. On the solo they use 4 wahs at the same time, one cry baby, two auto wahs and one in pro-tools. I will just use the one wah and try to simulate the rest with technique
  9. I need a patch that will do the beginning of Heavy by Collective Soul. I don't really have the expertise to to write it quickly and I need it tonight... Where can I find the downloads? or if someone can help me out.
  10. Where is the patch library?

  11. Why did it take so long to get? I ordered and had mine within a week.
  12. I would have bought the 59 if it had a whammy bar, just because the headstock is so hideous on the 69.
  13. This is an old topic, but I just picked up a JTV69, the headstock looks like dog poo. I want to put a strat neck on it... so you're saying the angle isn't quite right for just a straight change? I will have Jim Foote do the work and set it up for me, but I'd like to know how much work is involved.
  14. i got it, thanks. just needed to forget device
  15. I'm sorry, I didn't explain very well. I hooked up the FX100 thru the toneblock and a 212 cab. I think what I was doing wrong is I left the IR's on and that is why it sounded harsh through the guitar rig. Once I actually hooked it up through the PA it sounded much better. Originally I was thinking I would use the toneblock and the cab as a personal monitor, but now I believe it would be better to either use a self powered FRFR for my own monitoring or just feed it back through my vocal monitor since I sing very little. The guitar out doesn't really work, it sounds pretty crappy all the way around and doesn't have enough signal to get a decent tone. Unless I can turn up the guitar out somewhere in the unit or the software.
  16. The first time I used my iPad to connect it worked flawlessly. I did update my iPad after that and now the FX100 won't connect to the iPad or my phone even though each device can see the FX100. The blue light on the unit just flashes for a couple of minutes and then stops. It never connects. I really wanted to get some editing done for a gig tonight but I guess I'll just use my old setup tonight and try to figure it out over the weekend.
  17. I own an M9, I also just got the FX100, I was thinking of using the M9 like stomp boxes to bring in effects as I need them. What I'm wondering is how well it's going to work sending the FX100 into the M9 and then to a stereo DI to the PA. the FX100 doesn't have an effects loop.
  18. I have a Behringer X32 board we use for our band. I just got an FX100. I also have a Quilter Toneblock 200. I set it to line level and hooked up main out (L). The tones sound pretty harsh, but if I go in and dial them in (take off a lot of treble) I can get decent tones but still not what I had in mind when I bought the damn thing. Would it be best to run the L/R into a stereo DI and go into a linked left right channel of the PA and just dedicate an effects send back to a self powered monitor? I imagine I would still have to tweak the patches, but if I don't have to deal with a harshness it would be a lot better starting point. Another question, can I copy and paste patches to move them around? It would be a lot easier to have several patches I use in the same song in the same block.
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