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Recording Instrument with UX1, bad input signal

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Hi, I´ve already seen some people with my problem. But I still didn´t understand it.


The problem is that when recording my electric guitar in Ableton, through the UX1  I get a very low input signal.


Since it is convenient for modifying it afterwards to have a larger one, I would like to know how to get a good input signal..


If anyone knows please let me know.



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Are you sending the wet or dry to your DAW


Do you have the POD Studio UX1 (black-faced) that comes with the POD Farm 2.5 plug-in?


If you have the plug-in a convenient workflow is to capture both wet and dry to separate tracks then add the plug-in to the dry track post processing.

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Are you plugging your guitar in directly into your UX1 or using some kind of amp, head or preamp? 


If it's a dry signal, it will by nature be very quiet since guitar pickups on their own are very low output but you can use PODfarm to modify and amplify this signal vastly. 



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