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Fbv Shortboard Mkii Slow Switching

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I have recently purchased an FBV Shortboard to use with POD Farm, and there is about a half second delay when I switch between setlists, and even tones within a setlist. This isn't a problem for recording, but I plan on using POD Farm live at some point, so I need really fast switching. The function 1 control works fast to switch between Tone A/B, but it takes awhile to change setlists. Is there any way to fix this?

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I also have slow switching on my Shortboard II , just so you know your switch is probably not faulty . At first I thought it was just my system (crappy acer aspire one with extra monitor attached) now I'm realizing its a little of both..


I hope it's not this slow through the rj45 cable into any amp or pod, could anyone confirm?


I'll get rid of it if it can't do that well too... shame really , love the pod farm tones, would like to be able to use them live.

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There is a very slight 'pause' when switching tones on a Spider amp.  I never noticed it, but if you were playing a 'continuous' part and switched you might very well notice it.  It's not as long as half a second, though.

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