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Variax 300 Changes Models On Its Own

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Haven't been here in a while. Didn't know about the change over to this new form. Guess all my old posts are gone.


I have an Original POD 1.0 updated to 2.0 (still use it for a great Vox 100 patch I found here), the full pedalboard for it, an M13, an HD500, an early Guitar Relay Wireless system, and my 2 Variax 300's.


Well its over 4 years I have my second Variax 300, and it has starting changing models all by itself.

It wouldn't bother me if it just changed from Strat-Bridge to Tele-Bridge or Chime-Bridge.

My problem is I wrote models in different tuning! :huh:

I start the song, and it goes to another model in std. tuning.


I don't use the rotary or 5 position switch for the most part.

I'm in a sequence band. We use the computer to make all changes to our midi gear - Drum kit, keyboards, and my hd-500, vocal effects processors.........

I write the patch for the HD500 with the pickup selector set to the model I want. During a song the computer changes models/effects/volumes/tones on the fly.

   * cuts down on a lot of the toe tapping on stage.

On stuff we do without sequence, I have a bank on the HD with basic amp/guitar set ups.


My first VARIAX started doing this shortly after I got it. Took it apart (no warranty, I bought it used), cleaned all pots and switches, fixed some loose grounds, shielded the cavity, and used cardboard form to keep the circuit board from touching the shielded cavity wall. Worked well, but the neck on this one was twisted, and I didn't want to spend more on a neck than I paid for the guitar.


So I found another 300. This was used "normally" for about 2 years, then I started writing patches and let the sequencer make the changes. Past month or so it started acting up like my old 300. Start the song, the guitar is in the correct model, few seconds or minutes later, it's on a different model. Even if I disconnect it from computer and manually select the HD500 patch using the foot-switch, it does the same thing.

Sometimes it sounds like someone is turning the rotary switch quickly back and forth while I'm laying.  :angry:


Temporarily, I'm going to put the good neck on my first Variax.

I'd like to know if this is a normal thing with the old Variaxes.

Is there an updated selector switch or rotary switch available?


Thanks everyone








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i'd call a service center for parts specific queries, but i don't think that your failures are common or typical... 

at least i don't see these specific things posted, often if ever.

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Happened to mine as well. Cleaned the pots and sold it before it happened again.

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I had the same problem with my electric 700


It turned out to be the jack plate assembly (the whole thing just unplugs)


I bought a new one (that wasn't as easy as it sounds)


Problem solved !


Cheers, Mark

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Im having a similar problem on my 600...I just posted it and I will try sending it to a luthier to clean pots and check for anything loose or the Jack plate assembly like Mark posted. Really hope It works and get it fixed..I trully like this guitar.

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