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Good Legato Friendly Tone


I have pod x3 live, and i am kinda facing issues to get a good legato friendly tone on it , i feel the noise gate is the main culprit here,i keep my threshold at 50 % and decay at 0%, if i reduce the threshold i get a buzzing sound off my amp cause of the gain , i reduce the gain and the tone starts sucking big time.any suggestions ,i need help with this

(i just got and x3 live couple of weeks back so i am kinda still getting used to it )

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What you are looking for Is a "Holdsworth" tone.


This means picking an amp with a good ringing tone and to front end that, not with a distortion or overdrive, but a clean boost. Then you need to EQ the back end and drop the highs.


On the X3 I would recommend the Boost + EQ stomp into the Line 6 Tread Plate. W/ 2X12 67 wishbook. 0 the bass and treble and leave 16 on the mids. Drop bass and treb. on the boost too, but not to zero. I turned off the parametric at the end, but you can dail in whatever you need.


Oh, and roll you volume and tone to 7-7.5 on your guitar.


I'm going to go into this in detail with audio examples when I relaunch my website later this year.



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