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POD HD 500 + DT25 fat sound.

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Hi there, I have a question for you:


I use the system POD HD 500 + DT25 with a cabinet 2X12 '', trying various pre amp I'm feeling that only the version MESA sounds ' fat ' ...
Bogner, Engl, Soldano sound all too thin with bass / mid turn at maximum.

Using the ' bass ' knob on all pre amps there are small differencies only...
Some of you have noticed the same thing?
Someone uses a stomp EQ?

Which frequency needs to be pushed up?


I purchased the HD metal pack hoping the 5150 sounds as big as the MESA TREAD ... look forward to the firmware release    : /


Thanks for your support!



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You could try a Parametric EQ. Narrow the Q and sweep the frequency until you hit those "Thin" sounding frequencies then reduce the gain on that frequency. You can also turn up the bass on the eq as well. 

I don't use any hi gain amps. I'm only sharing what works for me in shaping my tone. It's worth a shot.

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Sound like you like a lot of Bass in your sound. You might try using the Mesa Cab with the others. The Soldano for example the default cab model is a T75 which is a brighter cab.  You might check out the greenbax 25 model as well as that is Darker cab, even with the DT  and using Pre, the cab and mike model makes some difference.


One trick I use to fatten up any tone, Put in a Chorus pedal post amp. Set the rate low. Now take the mix to zero and role it up just enough to fatten the tone. The idea is to try to get a bit of two tracked sound but not to get into the real "chorus" type of sound.  I know Chorus not Typically thought of for Metal type of sound, but the idea here is to use just a touch of it.

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I like the sound 'full bodied', not necessarily a super hi gain.
My TREAD setup has between 15 - 35% of gain (not more because it starts to be buzzy).
I have tried with any other pre (plexy, 45, 800), topology (specially IV) or cab type (on/off large or small).
In mixer mode, using the headphone, the big part of the amps sounds fat but with the DT25 and Link 6 only the TREAD sounds relly 'large'...

I will try adding on a stomp EQ, pushing up the low frequencies

Thanks for your feedback!

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I find quite often turning the cab sims when hooked up to the to the DT amps makes a HUGE difference. Especially with the ENGL &  Bogner models. I generaly start with the cabs sims off, then if after most of the tweaking is done and the tone isn't quite where i want it, then i'll start playing around with cab sims. But start out with no cab, on the pre amp versions when hooked up to the DT amp. Best of luck!!!!

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The strange thing is that the 'bass' knob does not a big differences when using the pre amp version.

Just Treadplate, J45 and P-75 give me the 'fat' sound that I'm searching.

I've also tried changing cab type and topology but not big differences...

ENGL is very 'fat' using the full amp in direct mode (headphone, recording or using the monitors) but with 6-link with DT is very thin...


Any way, thanks for your support!

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I tried with a different cabs (real and virtual) and also with the new HD metal pack amps.

Probably the mistake I did was using the pre amps with 'no cab' (I found it in a official Line 6 video...).

Changing virtual cabs and using specially 4X12' the sound of each pre amp is little bit 'fat'  :D


Anyway thanks for your support!



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