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Ux2 Problems With Listening In Winamp

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Two days ago I baught POD Studio UX2. I register it on website and download newest drivers on Win 7. 

In recording it works perfectly. Problems appear while listening music in Winamp or somewhere else, after an hour of playing my favorite music (sometimes it gets exactly) the sound interrupts and nothing is playing until I reboot the system, but at the same time my record projects in Adobe Audition play and POD Farm works. I have to continue recording without listening in Winamp (music doesn't play in any multimedia software). Moreover it takes a lot of time for system reboot.

All the freshest software from Line 6 installed and reinstalled for several times.


Could you tell me what the problem with? And how can i solve it?

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Check your PC's power settings.

Make sure USB never sleeps.

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In Winamp go to Options/Preferences/Plugins/Output and click on Configure button. Under Device tab uncheck "Allow hardware acceleration". For me that seemed to have solved this ongoing problem with UX2 ( drivers) that Line 6 refused to acknowledge for a very long time. I haven't had a single sound drop out since I did that.


Also, most of the time you don't have to do a full reboot to get UX2 working again in non-ASIO applications. Just disable and reenable it in Device Manager.

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