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I am using a Line 6 POD HD 400 Guitar Processor which I had purchased on 8th May, 2014. But from last few days I am getting a problem from my POD HD 400. The problem is that when I turn on the POD HD 400, everything is okay but suddenly after a few minutes there is no sound and the tuner does not work. I tried doing Factory Restore but it did not help me as the problem still remains. I checked my Guitar which is a "B.C. Rich Kerry King Wartribe" and it is completely working fine. I also checked my Amplifier which is a "Crate Flexwave 15R (15 Watt)" and it is also working completely fine. Please help.

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Sorry to hear this. If the tuner doesn't get a signal AND you know the input settings are correct. There is a chance you have a bad solder joint in there somewhere. Heat causes the joint to expand opening the circuit. That is my "guess".


I would put in a Support Ticket.



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