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When Playing Valve Amp Line 6 Hd 100 Turns Itself Off For A While And Then He Turns

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It’s most likely overheating, which appears to be a not-to-uncommon problem with these amps. Aiming a small fan through the back of the amp might take care of the issue, or there are other fixes that can be found on this board if you need something more drastic.

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I wrote about this once before but I never implemented as I don't use my HD100 mkii very much anymore but it seems like a good idea for people using it lots.


For about 15 dollars on amp part sites an original Marshall amp head vent grill can be had. Then one would just have to carefully cover the guts with an old sheet or cloth and cut the new slot in the Line6 head.


I think it is 19 inches for the one I was looking at and measured the SpiderValve head and it would work perfectly.


To me the location of the tubes in the HD100 and the plexiglass screen basically turn it into a super heated lizard terrarium, even with the grill in the back.


Sure old tube amps have no vents but they are all rock solid construction of wires,tubes and a transformer, no silicon diodes, chips and digital apparatuses that are highly susceptable to extreme heat.


Just an idea, or easier, point a fan at it as mentioned above lol. Cheers

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seems like line 6 is still making faulty amps the spider iii had this problem. I think all line 6 amps are good for anymore is converting them into speaker cab. 2 line 6 amps one did the over heat reset and one has no output but powers on and the line in and headphone work. I just converted them to speaker cabs, since these amps are not serviceable. I wouldn't buy another line 6 product no quality control. I own many amps and the line 6 amps are the first to fail on me besides a gorilla amp i had when i was 10.

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