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Master volume blinks randomly - Strange behavior


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Hei. I have been latelly experiencing  that my jm4 is having and odd behavior. The Lcd screen suddenly  shows that the volume is being moved while playing. Evenmore, it can happen while trying to hit play or stop on an overdub not allowing the action to take effect and even not allowing to record while it happens. It also happens very often, I would say  with intervals of 10 to 15 secs or less but it is not a fixed time. I have come to the idea that the volume knob is damage. I am wondering if somebody else is experiencing the same problem? Eventually if this is due to the volume knob where could i posiblly get a replacement or what type of knob should i get for this equipment





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It looks i've got the same, or a similar problem.

I'm playing (guitar -> JM4 -> mix table ) and suddenly volume drops A LOT.

It happens more and more often. 

if I unplug and replug the jack into the guitar volume comes back.

if I unplug and replug main alim into JM4 the guitar volume comes back.

Any chance someone knows how to deal with that ?



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