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Dialling in a Phil Campbell/Motorhead tone on vetta?


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I'm not too familiar with all the fancy workings of the Vetta as yet as I just got mine the other day but a good try might be the Angel P-Ball as it sounded pretty beefy. Also most of the presets have the drive and presence totally jacked giving off the ear piercing can of bees distortion.


Try the Angel P=Ball and dial back the gain/drive, treble and presence a bit and then maybe add a touch of delay and whatever else you like :)

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If i was doing this, i would start by putting a JCM 800's in both amps. Cabinets 4 x 12 with V30's. Chandler or Rat to make more distortion. Flanger to stomp 1 and chorus under modulation. Delay is of course digital. He also uses some kinda tremolo. Finally add the wah and you have it.


With Campbell it's not easy to make a tone stack due he uses lots of stuff. But with those tools you can start.

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