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  1. Could this be that battery issue? I'm told that there is a back up battery in it. Guess it's built before flash memory times. However being not capable to fix this firmware issue is not good. And if this is something that shows how it is going to be in the future, i'm not happy at all.
  2. Well... If i was doing this, i would start by putting a JCM 800's in both amps. Cabinets 4 x 12 with V30's. Chandler or Rat to make more distortion. Flanger to stomp 1 and chorus under modulation. Delay is of course digital. He also uses some kinda tremolo. Finally add the wah and you have it. With Campbell it's not easy to make a tone stack due he uses lots of stuff. But with those tools you can start.
  3. Gotta say that i'm not happy, if the evolution of musical instruments (yes, amps are very much of that) is going to follow the ways of computer industry. It just may be my age thou. I'm writing this with computer havin a XP in it. I don't like to throw away things that work. I've grown in world, where guitars and amps are built to last. If we move to "buy new stuff every 2 years or your gear stops working", guess it's back to the tubes and hard wire again. After all, they're built to last. I'm not saying that people in line6 should keep developing Vetta all the time. However taking away the tools to keep it working is way too Microsoft for me. I hope that Line 6 remembers again, which industry they are in. Musicians don't have use for tools that have shorter lifespan than politician's promises. And to keep this under our starting post; it actually doesn't hurt, if support for older tools is added in newer ones. It's not about the need really. We can't know how many would use the possibility to update Vetta via FBV shortboard mkII. But with that Line 6 could show the customers, that it cares.
  4. Just got myself a Vetta combo. Seems that it has software version 1.10 in it. I tried to contact Line6 Edit, but no luck. So it seems i need that firmware update, eh? Please, explain this process like you'd explain it to a donkey (as i am). And before this and that. MIDI via M-Audio 1010 works fine with my DT25, so there's nothing wrong in that. (unless that m-audio's gadget is the only possible interface in whole world).
  5. But there will always be ranking via money in every area of human life. Hype lifts an average player over the crowd. Sadly most expensive things are rarely worth the money. But that's humans for you. And the humans invented marketing. Humans are not wise. They rather believe in fairy tales than in truth. There must be some kinda magic in everything. Most people don't even know, if they have excellent instrument or an expensive pile of scrapwood. But the price tag makes you fly up in ladders of our social networks. I wonder when do people realize, that we - using "we" as in "we, the humankind" - really get better in making things and we have really came far from year 1500. As i see it now, that will take some time...
  6. If you have connected your HD to computer via USB cable, i believe your strange noises come from ground loop you've managed to create by that. Pull the USB-plug to test.
  7. Guess it's been similar to all of us. As brats, we just had to play with what we could afford. However. The younger you are, the better gear you get to start with. People in their 40's, 50's know what it was to get really bad gear. These days everyone can afford a Spider, which beats 100-1 that old transistor bass amp i started with. I believe my 1st real amp was Yamaha JX50. This leads me to another issue. Vintage amp collectors keep telling us, that in old days everything was better. Like the best amp ever was made in 30's and they got worse after that. Sad truth is, that most old amps were and still are - if they exist - pure crap. There are very few real classics. Happier part of truth is, whe do have generally better gear than all great names of rock&roll&blues&jazz. (why don't i sound better then?) Today, with modeling gear, we have better tools tan ever. Actually tools are too good. Big enough to malke quite a lot of users lose their way with them. They don't get how to use these and get cranky. And next thing we have, is 19 threads of how mean people are in Line6 cause of not doing this and that. Just out of curiosity: How many HD500 units have already been sold? Anyone? Or is it classified? I bet quite a few. And in silence those thousands are way happier with their gear, than some 10 people starting endless amounts of Line6didn'tdowhatitold-threads.
  8. Sounds trollish :/ Firmware updates do usually make things work better. I had version 1.0 for so short time i really don't know if there were any big issues with it, but for me those 30 amps were enough to get the update. With working gear (MIDI interface that is) whole operation is over in couple of minutes.
  9. For people trying several MIDI interaces in a row: Uninstall earlier device from your puter before installing new device drivers. For windows users. You need to choose your MIDI device from your sounds control panel. If not changed, there is Microsoft GS wawetable blahblah as factory setting and you can't connect your DT. I believe there is something simiar in Macs as well.
  10. WaubinHood

    Pod Hd500x

    You can't control your Spiders via Line6 Link. Err.. If willing to tamper with MIDI - and them Spiders have it - at least one amp can be controlled with it, i believe. But. It is possible to make stereo setups for your 2 amps. After all, you do get stereo outputs when you get your HD. Aaand it is possible toi make separate effect chains. Fine details can be found in manuals.
  11. Well.. If bias is too hot (that means underbiased: Current way too up), it can cause all kinda trouble and real damage to amp. Usually that comes with recognizeable (120Hz. Googled it ;) ) hum. But but... Opinion alert!: Tubes are more magical things, than spawn of pure engineering ;) That's why almost everything can happen with them. However we're talking about same type of tubes here and it's not very common to get tubes with this big differences. Maybe, if old, normally coldish tubes were biased a bit on hot side and these new ones were... Takes lots of fruitless guessing really. Of course - with bad luck - lots of things can go wrong, when changing tubes. For example if a tube socket happens to be loosely soldered (these days everything is made in bulks, so 100% quaity is practically a distant dream), even slightest move - like pulling out old tube - may get it loose and that can cause bigger problems. It's amazing, how you can one day drop a tube amp from a moving car without damaging it at all and the next day you sneeze next to your buddy's amp causing it to burst in flames. If you have possibility to get those new tubes tested, it helps a lot. So far we really can't know, if it is the tubes or the amp, which failed. Amp by having bias miles away i mean.
  12. Err Innovine. Did you ever re-bias your amp with new tubes?
  13. Hmm... I wish someone told our obviously North-Korean members, that the liberty of speech is commonly in use in our western countries. That's why even unwanted opinions get published, no matter how much it bugs our Jongs or Sungs. Another western thing is called "democracy". Funny enough, it works even in marketing. Lets take an example out of imagination: There is one person, let's name him mr J, wanting.. what could it be? Oh yes! An amp model for popuar effect device (now where did i get that idea?) . On the other side is 10000 mr X's, who have also made their requests. To mr J's great suprise, they never mentioned mr J's favourite. So there can happen the huge unjust for one - obviously extremely important - human and instead of making 10000 people unhappy, someone makes just one unhappy. Next phase could be the one, where our frustrated mr J starts throwing insults around and could call people being sheeps for being happy when gotten just what they wanted. For that we need a tool, where that can happen anonymously. And so someone invents a tool for it. After putting some thought on it, he names it "Internet" ;)
  14. Hmm... I'm a closet amp-model-wannabe? So true ;) Actually... Instead of making us to buy some kinda amp model pack, they gave us few for free in last update. But even that wasn't really my point. The point (one of them) is, I believe that suggesting new amp-model after just 30 earlier ones is not that kind of new idea that ideascale was made for. So making noise in here about how people in there ignore amp suggestions appears a bit unuseful for me. And the side story about mark V mode, which actually needs 5, not one amp model, made the perfectionist (or the person, who really, really, really likes comma's a lot) in me wake up. I also believe (been doing lots of believing lately. How un-me) that being "a completely happy sheep" can gain me a lot. By sending a message telling that i'm happy about the product, i may help Line6 free its resources from fruitless effort of making 999888777666555 amp models to something way more important. Yes. Amp models are important, as we all really are using modeling tools. But it just may be, that developing fresh new ideas is somewhat more important. After all, the idea of amp model is already old one and people already know, how to create them.
  15. Appears that my ears are full of bean soup... I gotta confess, that i haven't been using DT alone too much. I tested those sounds printed on that shop-brouchure which came on top of it with quite low volume. For me Mesa's have always meant that very middle range concentrated, hi gain sound. Now, when i turned middles all the way up, gave it more gain (about 3 o'clock) and "kicked the throttle", i notice i should've been washing my ears instead of typing silly messages on people's internet forums. Luckily i never learned any kind of manners. Otherwise i would be ashamed now. ;D
  16. Sounds like OP has found a mixture of a tube gone microphonic and tune triggering it.
  17. I'm not sure, if people understood correctly the idea of ideascale. Do they tell "shout your demands in most unpolite way and we'll act the next day"? I see lots of "model Mesa mark V, or you suck" type messages. Since that amp itself has few channels starting from Fender-ish cleans, thru early hot rodded F and new addeneum: british ('cause they cant say "we also added that obligatory Marshall sound because everyone wants it") type one, all the way to modern hi gain. That is not just one model. And we already have a collection of models covering more than mesa mark 5. For mesa clean, use Blackface. For mark 5 british, use Marshalls. And there is Treadplate for hi gains. So why mesa mark this and that? And the same goes with the rest of the multi channel amps. Check Sol(dan)o 100 models and you get it. We don't need that many new amp models. And I believe that more than just modeling every amp there is (where we fit them all, since there are eventually limits in HD's memory?), ideascale wants to see new functions in old tools or even completely new ideas. I don't think that marketing research - and that is exactly what ideascale is - can be ignored. However adding yet another amp model after line of 30 earlier ones just isn't anything new. I have reason to believe, that in Line6 people have already put some thought on what amps there should be modeled. They've made Amplifi. That is new idea. Wheel is invented again, even if a hipsterish one with all that Apple junk involved ;) . I believe ideascale wants more like those ideas.
  18. Hmm.. Longer version. My example (E minor that is) sounds ok only, if played in E minor scale. What those options do? Select your Key (for example E) + scale (for example minor): When you do this, your pod picks up set of notes usable in your key scale. Your leads can be played on every chord there is in Em scale. shift (for example -5): How much and to what direction pitch is added. - goes under your played note and + over it. Even when you can add every note fitting in octave, they all won't sound nice. But since disharmony is also some kinda harmony, all those notes are included in the effect (i guess). mix to 50%: Mix between your base (played) note and added harmonic note. So if your key changes when song changes, just change to that key. Play just one note at the time. (Edit: Seems, that we have language issues also. Just tell us the name of the song in which we can hear the effect you want to get. That would help a lot)
  19. Effect type Pitch --> Smart harmony Select your Key (for example E), scale (for example minor) and shift (for example -5) and after hitting mix to 50% there you go.
  20. Warning: Includes opinions! I believe it is very difficult to make models of distortion pedals. And i believe one can model just a slide from an amp-pedal pair. Not the whole sound - and ecspecially not the dynamic - range they can produce. That's why using models like real pedals does not neccessarily lead to good result (but amp models should be used ecxactly like real amps with realistic volume levels if possible). What we need to do is learn the ways of modeling and use them more like things they really are: models, inspired by some real life item. Like in cooking (if we can cook) we always taste our new spices before adding them. Test, what our models do by adding them one by one on your cleans and you'll get the idea. Also Line6 has (usually) given wide range of tone for each variable. Instead of being like in range of 0 - 10, they seem to be like -5 - 15. Those should be tweaked click by click instead of trying just full or none options. Patience... With DT i get my main distortion from amp model and only flavour it with pedal models. Sometimes the amp model is enough by itself. And with amp (Fender blackfaceish boutique thingy. I use just 2 now to keep things simple enough) i use guitar input and i usually use a pair of distortions. In most settings there are screamer/tube drive or tube drive/cassic distortion. The trick is not to crank one of them too heavily. Screamer is usually just clean boost with gain 0 - 10%. I even use AC-30 model in one setting and it moves that blacface very close to Vox. Normally i don't use amp models at all with the amp. I started tweaking - as i always do - from empty new tone patch. Adding one part at the time (of course first i've set up HD-amp pair as we always have to do when changing to a new amp), many times just trying different things. HD's master volume always 100%. Amps volume as is will be when in action. Amp tweaked to make the cleans by itself. In neutral way thou. Hmm... I don't know, if there is possibility to change effect presets so that every time i add an effect, it comes in more ready for my sounds. Effects (and amp models) come in way too cranked, if asked me. Turning everything down is usually the first thing to do. That could ease up some starting problems people have. I don't think HD and amp - if not in need of service - can't work together. One just has to match them together first. That may be difficult in some cases due gazillions of options.
  21. Actually... If Mesa is the one named treadplate (and it is), it has nothing to do with that DT's position 4 amp. My vote goes for Soldano's hi gain version (Solo-100 overdrive, but not going to check it now *yawn* )
  22. Well... In most (?, at least many) meters, options are something like 200m, 2V, 200V and 600V or so. From those options you choose 1st one big enough to fit your wanted range (in this case 25mV-ish). So if you have 100m option, use that. Of course making sure that you're in Voltage sector of your tool (how can it be 9?).
  23. Looks like they're pretty sure 'bout themselves ;) But lets not make this word war one with people just digging in their trenches with ancient opinions. Someone go find out (sadly in this country of poor and hopeless cavemen, finding one is practically impossible), how it is and then tell us all. If them Anderton guys spy us in here (curses on you all!! You've already cost me a huge pile of money with your dreamrig propaganda... Even when i live in another country ;) ) they could actually put up a shootout and show us how it is. C'mon guys. I know you have one ;)
  24. Haven't checked this yet, but one thing bothers me. Since i dont have to dig myself thru 5 feet deep sea of loose money every time i move in my house, id like to make sure i always get my share. If (ideas cooking in my poor excuse of a head) i come up with new idea, which makes millions to Line6, is my cut just promission to tell the idea in forums without being charged of using internet-services? Shorlty: What do i get, if my idea makes it?
  25. Stickers, huh? I've been teasing Fender lovers i know, that their crappy guitars are glued together by using them stickers. They sure have few of them ;) But do we really need them all? Ecspecially that one with a dumpster drawn in it? "Don't can this"? I mean is it possible, that one tosses the guitar away in error and saves the package? Generally those inspection stickers just tell, that someone controls the quality of products by checking them before sending them out from factories. I would stare Line6 in awe, if they've managed to invent some other kind of a use to those. One day i will make one sticker myself too. It is going to say:"Do you really read every sticker you see?" And flame will rain on me ;)
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