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Add on amps - not authorized. Solution.


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When I was using my HD500 the other day, it no longer showed the new amps from the amp pack. I launched Line6 Monkey and it said that my HD500 was not authorized.


After a bit of troubleshooting I decided to reboot my whole system (rebooting the HD500 did not correct it). When my PC was rebooted, the new amps were available again:)


At the time I encountered the issue, I had the HD500 on one USB port, my AudioBox 1818 VSL connected to another. I was using HD Edit while I was recording tracks in Studio One v3. At some point I disconnected the HD500 and plugged in my Axiom keyboard controller to add a keyboard part. It was after I was done doing that and plugged the HD500 back in that the problem appeared. So, Studio One must've held onto the USB port a bit.



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