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Is there any way to get a left hand jtv-69 or standard?

Short of buying a JTV to canibalize, and transplanting the guts into a lefty guitar, no.


I sympathize with your plight, but I seriously doubt they're ever gonna make one. These guitars are a niche product as it is, and lefty guitars are a miniscule market share. It's never gonna be cost effective for them to go to the expense of producing one for the tiny handful that they'd sell...they'd never get their money back.

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Perhaps this discussion should be continued in one of the many existing threads on this topic, like this one:


As usual, it's helpful to read the thread first and add something new, that hasn't already been said, if such a thing exists. Not trying to discourage discussion, just redundancy.

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Thank you for your replies,


I was just reading a press release for the Variax standard. It was saying something like a modeling guitar for everyone. I guess they where just kidding about that.


I am not left handed, also, I purchased a Variax a year or so after they first came out. My query is for a gift.


With so few companies making guitars for leftys it makes sense for Line 6 to make one. The purchase of a modeling guitar would be the only logical choice for a lefty since it's so hard to get a variety of guitars to play.


I had around 12 guitars in my closet once. It wasn't that hard to do and I really don't have much money. For a lefty that would be pretty hard or you would have to be rich.


Line6!! Put 2 and2 together!

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With so few companies making guitars for leftys it makes sense for Line 6 to make one.

That's just it...nobody makes them because nobody buys them. Most right handed guitar players have no idea that the Variax concept exists, so L6 is pushing uphill already. Catering to the 17 lefties who might actually want to buy one would be pi$$ing into the wind...just my 2 cents.

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