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PC won't detect POD Pro


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I'm trying to connect the old POD Pro to my PC via midi to USB cable.

I can't find the specific drivers on Line 6 monkey and it won't detect it automatically.

I tried the drivers for the POD 2.0, which seemed to having me getting somewhere.


It said 'Turn off your pod, then hold the midi button and power on again', which I did. Then I got this message "Update failed (Code 8000900C) MIDI device timed out for a response

make sure cables are connected and try the update again".


My POD HDX works fine but I'm having no luck with this one.


Any advice would be top banana,


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The #1 cause are the cheap usb/midi cables (the $2 ones). Your best bet is to get the MAudio Uno - (try them "in - in" & "out - out" as sometimes that's how it goes with those).


The cheap ones are noted for poor results.



just to say thank you.

I buy a pod pro on ebay in good condition,

and a cheap usb/midi cables with bad results :D

and after a maudio Uno in local store and work perfect!

So thank you for the tip.


Cheers from Portugal

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