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Line6 JM4 2.07 firmware Update

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Hi, going round in circles here so I thought I'd hit the forums. Where can I download this firmware and have others had any hassles updating. My JM4 firmware version is DSP 2.00 / MCU 1.05


Many thanks, P

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Hey There,


All you need is the Monkey updater. 


Here is a link leading to our downloads section for the most recent firmware update (2.09), you can also download the monkey updater from this as well, just search for JM4, download the Firmware file, then use the Monkey updater and click 'update from file':


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I formatted a 2 Gb in the JM4 looper, downloaded the 'fw.bin' file on my Mac, copied it to the SD card, followed the instruction in the Advanced guide, BUT NOTHING HAPPENS. It is still 2.0. 

The “All you need is the Monkey updater†is not helping me. Others say “all you need is love†but that does not help me either in upgrading the firmware of my JM4 looper from 2.0 to 2.09. I would appreciate some step by step information. I downloaded the Monkey updater on my Mac. There was no JM4 in the dropdown “Select the line6 device you’d like to configure.†so I am not sure how to use it. 

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