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  1. I mistakenly posted the same question in the Firehawk forum, which seems like a similar interface. They have an unofficial tone/patch called BJ Clean 1, which has 4 "wildcard" blocks. So, you cannot make a NEW/blank tone with 4, but you can download BJ Clean 1 and modify it, then save, with 4 wildcard blocks. If we can convert Firehawk patches to Amplifi, then we can also have 4 assignable blocks. Any ideas guys? David
  2. I posted this same ask in the Firehawk section, I wanted the 4th FLEX block. On the Firehawk, which seems similar, you can unofficially get a patch that has 4 Flex blocks from an earlier firmware release, the edit and saves it yourself. If we can convert Firehawk patches, I can try and convert, which will get us 4 flexible blocks. The tone/patch is called "BJ Clean 1" under the Firehawk remote when you search the cloud for tones. David
  3. So I guess with Amplifi, we are limited to 3Flex blocks, or is there a patch for AMplifi like BJ Clean 1? Can we convert Firehawk patches to Amplifi? Thanks, David
  4. OK, I installed the Firehawk remote, and yes, there it was. I thought the patches between Firehawk and Amplifi were compatible? I was able to get the 4 Flex blocks, no problem. Has anyone made a 4 Flex block patch for Amplifi? Anyway to import this patch to Amplifi? I was thinking either the Firehawk 1500 or the Amplifi 150, but if Amplifi is limited to 3 blocks, this is another reason to get the Firehawk. The price difference is huge, but I would get a much better amp with the Firehawk. Thanks, David
  5. I tried again, watch here: https://youtu.be/qOO17Xhwcwk wtf am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help. David
  6. Do I have to be connected to search the cloud? I am not, but I can run the app and mess with tones. When I search the cloud, it does not find BJ clean 1, tried with and without quotes... Just to see if my iPad was the issue, I installed Amplifi Remote on my Android phone, and again, when I search, nothing comes up for BJ Clean 1. If I just search bj, I find the aAOrange tone, and I can find other tones, just no BL Clean 1?
  7. I am being 100% serious, if I can't find the 4 FX block patch, I am not going to buy this amp. I have searched the CLOUD from BJ Clan 1, in and out of quotes, to no avail. This is the only thing holding me back, I have been looking through the app, and I would want to do 4 flex blocks. Anyone know if another patch with 4? Or can someone upload another 4 block patch? Thanks, David I just voted for this, I was vote #21... :(
  8. This is THE $11 converter to use with your pedal board 9v power supply. I like this over other converters because: #1) My multi-power supply has 9v, 12v, and 18v power supplies. So, I can use any of them with this adapter, and it auto-adjusts the input voltage, so if I am not using or have an extra 12v or 18v, I can use that and save my 9v plugs for more common 9v pedals. #2) Some of these buck converters require you to turn a knob to adjust the input or output voltage. This one is plug-n-play. #3) It is rated as waterproof, so if someone spills a drink on it, no worries. #4) It has mounting holes, so I can mount it somewhere and it will not bounce around. #5) the positive and negative are colored, so I do not have to use my volt meter to figure this out when I wire up the 2.5mm end that plugs into my ISO power bar. The only negative, which applies to all of these converters, is that I will have to make 2 wire connections for the 2.5mm end. Not hard, some black electrical tape and I am good to go. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00QTJWRFW/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A2PMIWMSUTAYGS
  9. BOOYAH! I joined the Facebook VETTA group, they have ALL the files. I used MIDI-OX to SYSEX send 2.5 firmware. Instructions were great, took me about 15 minutes total, was SUPER easy! PS - I DID do all this with XP32, I was lucky and had a way to install the old OS. Used a UNO cable.
  10. Hello, I have had my own website for years, and I am willing to make a page and host all the Line6 files for everyone. I recently purchased a used Vetta II HD head, and it works fine. I even tried the Variax input, that also works great. My amp came with Firmware 2.11, and I want to upgrade to the latest IF I can then use Spider Edit. Now, Monkey sees the amp when I connect to the UNO-2-USB device, it detects it on it's own. However, I do not get the firmware update, and I have read here why this happens. If updating my firmware will allow me to use the editor, then I will do it. If I risk losing stability, I might just not update. I really want to be able to create and trade patches. I work in IT, so I have updated firmware many times, on anything from video cards, SCSI controllers, and motherboards. I have multiple UPS devices, so I can keep the PC and the AMP on their own speerate 1500 UPS while the updates happens. I would not try to update during a rain or wind storm. The problem I have is Monkey sees the Vetta Head with the UNO, but Line6 edit see it too, but then times out and I cannot use the editor. My domain is easy to remember: www.davelikesbeer.com Thanks for help, whoever can help me. David
  11. Wow Lentz, If you are rant posting at 6:10am, you MUST be pissed :) I have tried VERY hard to be a loyal Line6 customer aka fan aka supporter. I own PLENTY of their stuff. Thing is, I am a home musician, who infrequently jams with some friends. If I tried to use this gear for gigs, I am scared what might happen with ZERO support from this company. I like their products, at least how they market them. From the ads and writings, it seems like they have some great stuff. I reality, however, it seems there is a disconnect between their support vs helping people. It seems like they just hire some guys and tell them to answer the phone and emails and ACT like they are doing support when at the end of the day, they achieve nothing, the customers are pissed, and it leaves a bad taste in peoples mouth. Heck, I have even defended Line6 on other forums, but now I am starting to see it. I hope the rest of my Line6 gears does not break BEFORE I sell it. And while selling used Line6 gears does not hurt them directly, if we sell it cheap enough, others will also get pissed and see the quality of their products and lack of support. Heck, giving it away would do more damage because it would spread the word faster...They will learn when they either have to sell out or go bankrupt.... Line6 - keep working on NEW products, that is the only way you will make any money. We know because you do NOT support your existing stuff, and are all to happy to move products people pay good money for to LEGACY-status so you can not support it. When is the next HELIX coming out, so you can stop support the one in Guitar Centers today? Upset Dave
  12. I am having the same issue. I have the M Audio and a Roland UM ONE. Both work fine with my Valve MK2. I tried Windows 10 x64, then Windows 7 x64. Finally broken down and install XP32, used the UNO driver, and version 3.0.6 back to 3.0.0. The problem with 2.x is it needs JAVA 1.5 (aka 5.0 JRE). I found and downloaded this, but it did not help, the app would not even launch. Updated to newer JAVA, it will not launch (version 3, not 2). Monkey see the Vetta head, and it seems like Edit almost does, but it takes forever. I think this is some timeout issue, and when you launch Edit, it times out before talking to the Vetta. I still like my head, but dang, I wanted to swap tones. Considering this is still a popular amp, it is a shame Line6 does this to their customers. Now I see why there is so much hate on other gear pages about this company. If their stuff is not broke, it sounds good. Once you have a problem, you're screwed, they won;t help you unless you have the latest gear they sell. That is not a way to build loyal customers Line6... Upset Dave
  13. Hey Prestige87, Are you on the East Coast? I jut got a used Vetta II HD head, and I am having the same problem. My Spider Valve MK2 works fine. I have the M Audio UNO with their drivers, from their site, and it does not work. What is worst, I also have the FBV shortboard, and I should be able to connect through that as well, and that also does not work. What is funny is that Monkey sees the Vetta head, and even allowed me to register it. So I know the cable is working, as well as USB and the PC can see the Vetta, just not their edit software. I tried with Windows 10 x64 and Windows 7 x64, I am going to install XP32 and see if that is better? Has anyone ever got the Vetta Edit 3.0.6 version to work? Thanks, David
  14. Hello, OK, I can't do what I thought I could. The Spider Valve Mk2 will only allow pairs of 8-Ohm or 16-Oms, no 4-Ohm pairs. You can go single with 4, 8, or 16-Ohms it seems. So, I have a straight cab that is 16-Ohm, and my Line6 Spider2 slant cab is either 4-Ohm Mono, or using 2 plugs it will do a pair of 8-Ohms stereo. But, I think I have an idea: I can rewire the Slant cab from the spider 2 to series-parallel to get it to do 16-ohm mono. I researched and it seems it has 4 x 16-Ohm speakers, so doing a re-wire to series-parallel will get me to 16-ohm in a single 1/4" input. This sound right? I wish there was a plug that would allow me to switch between an 8-Ohm pair for practice at home on the 1/2 stack, the allow me to switch to the series-parallel wiring to run a full 16-ohm stack when I go practice with the band. Anyone know of this? But sicne I can run a single 16-Ohm out from the Spider Valve Mk2 head, I will just run it as mono on the 1/2 stack, then switch to the 16-Ohm pair output to go full stack? The straight cab is a Peavey with 4 x 12" 16-Ohm speakers, and I guess they are already in the series-parallel wiring, so now I just have to do the same with the top slant cab? So, the back of the amp has 3 output combos, being: Output=A : Single 16-Ohm output <--- will use this with rewired L6 Slant in Series-Parallel Output=B : Single 8-Ohm OR 16-Ohm pair <--- Will use this to go full stack with Rewired L6 slant and Peavey Output=C : Single 4-Ohm OR 8-Ohm pair <--- Using this now with non-rewired L6 Slant as 8-Ohm stereo pair Thanks, Dave
  15. Hello, I am curious as to the official "generations" of the Line6 modeling effects? I would assume that the original POD or the AX amps would be around Generation #1, and that the Firehawk would be the latest generation, whatever version we are on? Anyone care to elaborate on this who knows Line6 products? Thanks, David PS_ I will get the list started: AXsys212 - Generation1 POD v1 - Generation1 POD v2 - Gen2 POD Pro - Gen2 Spider2 amps - Gen2 POD XT - X-series (Gen3?) POD X3 - X-series (Gen3?) Spider3 amps - Gen3 POD HD - HD Series (Gen4?) Vetta 1 - ? Vetta 2 - X-series (Gen3?) Spyder Valve Mk 1 - ? Spyder Valve Mk 2 - ? AmpliFi Amps / FX100/ TT - Gen3? Firehawk - Gen4 Spider 4 amps - Gen4 Helix - Latest Gen5? Variax Guitars - Gen3? I tried to updates, please let me know of corrections needed.
  16. Thank you for your reply. Even thought it was kinda-generic. I say this because I don't think Peavey ever released a cabinet with multiple speakers of different ohms, it is a 4x12 with all speakers of 16 ohms. It seems like I will use the 4ohm out with left and right going to top and bottom cabs. When I practice at home, I will switch to 8 ohms stereo and plug both outputs to the Line6 cab. Thanks for the clarity, should get the amp today or tomorrow. Dave
  17. Hello, So, it was time to upgrade. I had a Spider2-150 for what seems like a decade. I wanted to do more with my amp and get tube distortion, possibly even sell my Peavey 6505 now that I have a tube from Line6. So, my questions: #1 - I kept my 4x12 Spider2 slant cabinet. It looks like I can set the amp to 8 ohms stereo and use the existing Line6 cab just like I did with the Spider2? I run 2 speaker cables (1/4) from the left and right outs on the amp to the left and right 8 ohm in's on the cabinet? This seem correct? I think the cabinet is rated at 320 watts, and the output of the valve is rated 240w, so I should not blow anything up? #2 - So, if I want to go FULL STACK, I could put the amp output to 4ohms, and run 1 cable to the Line6 slant cab as 4ohm mono and use the left-mono plug. I also have a Peavey 5150 cab with 4 x 16ohm speakers in that. I think that cab has, or can be wired as 4 ohm input by running the speakers in parallel? Basically, I would split the input signal 4 ways, one + and one - to each speaker so that the 4 ohm signal is sent to each of the speakers? Does this sound correct? Or, does the 4ohm incoming to the cabinet get broken down to 1 ohm per speaker? I always though if you put 4 speakers in parallel, then the speakers would each run at 25% of the rated ohm; if you ran 2 in parallel, then 50%, etc? If it works like I remember (been years since I had to rewire any cabinets), then I can practice with my slant, and switch to full when I go to jam with friends. Replies appreciated, the 5150 cab has celestions (the British ones), I also think the line6 cab has Celestions as well, but some special Line6 variant of their speakers. Replies appreciated. Dave
  18. Hello, I traded in my Spider-2 150 for a Spider Valve Mk2. I will post my questions there, no need for the TT now I guess, I will just use the Spider Edit software. Thanks for replies, I appreciate it. Dave
  19. Wow, bump, and I am surprised at the amount of inactivity on these forums. I am on the fence about buying some L6 gear, and getting no answers... which means I will just buy something else that I can get support for. I am very surprised by this, I always thought L6 had a strong internet presence... Dave
  20. What dead forums? That kinda sucks, thought there was more forum support from L6? So, what I "thought" this TT would do, which I think now it will not, is have access to a library of MIDI-type songs, like the *.GP? files for Guitar Pro. That is one nice thing about Guitar Pro software, it lets you mute the guitar track, even though the songs are not the original, they are close enough for practice. It seems the only online access is for patches, and I just stream songs from phone or tablet and play along, which I can already do since I have 2 amps and a good stereo (Bose). From further reading, it seems the Firehawk is a better option for effects, mainly because people say the TT and FX100 effects are older versions of what the Firehawk has? Is this true? Yup, the Firehawk is double the price, but if I am really buying just an effects board, I think it would be better to get the best effects? Thoughts on this? My other issue is that I am not an effects heavy person. I have 2 amps, one being a tube amp, and it is a Peavey 5150 (aka 6505), endorsed and used by the artist I play the most songs from. Further, the tone from this amp is also close enough to the 80's tube distrotion of other artists like GNR and Metallica and Priest, so I am covered and don't have to emulate tube overdrive and distortion. I also have a POD v2.0 for effects, which I use a little, and I have the EVH Flanger and EVH Phaser, JOYO gate (which is awesome), some mini analog delay and a mini Mooer Slow Engine volume. With those pedals, and the POD, I can make all the effects I ever use or will use. I guess my point is, I don't need more or upgraded effects, at least I don't think I do. I think the software is better, and works on a tablet instead of a PC so I would not have to rely on a MIDI cable to adjust the POD. I can use wireless for the TT unit, but the wireless feature and the ability to use a tablet don't rate high for me because I have a PC next to my rig, and I have the expensive Roland MIDI cable so I can adjust the POD with software on the PC. The PC also streams the tracks that I mute the guitar on, so it serves another purpose that tone adjustment. If I can't get an answer, I am going to wait or pass on the TT this time, maybe in the future... I can get a Duncan Custom Shop 78 Trembucker for one of my guitars for the same price, and I know exactly what that will do and what it is used for. I am still not 100% sure the TT will do anything new for me that I don't already do to satisfaction the same or similar way now? I would really like someone to chime in and help here if possible, I just got paid and I want to make a decision. Dave
  21. Hello, I am about to buy a AmpliFi TT this week, but I am not sure what it will do for me. I have a rough idea, but as for specific questions, who knows? What I am worried about is whether it will overlap the gear I already have? How will I use it with what I already own, etc. Current Line 6 products: Spyder II - 150 Head Spyder II - 4 x 12 Slant Cab Pod V2.0 non-FBV model POD FBV MKII Shortboard Non-Line 6 products: Peavey 6505 2x12 100w Combo amp I usually switch amps depending on what I am playing. The Spyder is my main practice amp, mainly b/c it has a headphone jack, and the Peavey does not. Also, the 6505 sucks at low volumes, it struggles to work below 1 volume, which is louder that my wife wants it even set to #1. I have ledals too, the EVH phase, EVH Flange, Joyo noise gate (works great), unknown analog mini delay pedal, Mooer Slow Engine Volume, MXR Fullbore metal. So many questions, but I will try to start here: 1. Will the TT allow me to play along and mute the guitar track? 2. Does the website have the song you want to play already in MIDI format, like the songs for Guitar Pro 6, or the online service for Ultimate-guitar? 3. Is there some sort of training, getting used to the TT beginner guide that comes with the unit? 4. How well does the TT work with Android vs Apple products? I will go buy an iPad 1 cheap if it prefers Apple. 5. How should I use my Spyder amp for the TT, like the pod, with MID set to 10, bass and treb set to 0, all effects turned off, etc? 6. Am I doing the best thing getting the TT, and how would the Firehawk do better if I spend more on that? 7. If I upgrade my Line 6 head, I have considered the Valve or a Vetta 2, what are the differences? So, I went into my local GC, and they know nothing. Further, they could not be bothered to look up or help me demo anything. I started looking at the AmpliFi 75 and 150, they never even mentioned the TT and FX100, nor did they know it was in the same family. Even the manager knew nothing. I went to another GC, same deal. I guess Line 6 sends out the demo stands, and that is the extent of the training. It's a wonder GC sells any Line 6 stuff at all? I am sure the California GC stores are great with Line 6 , but on the East coast, not even close. So, is there a pre-sales help line I can call and ask questions? Any help appreciated. Dave
  22. Hello, I think after reading what "Just Startin'" said, I should be getting the TT this week. I was split between the TT and the FX100. However, I already own the MkII Shortboard because my "clean" amp is a Line 6 Spyder II 150. My "dirty" amp is a Peavey 5150 (6505) 2x12 combo, which has an effects loop. I also have a POD 2.0 in the mix, but I think I might sell that after I get the TT, should be able to fetch $100 for it with the case and PS. I use the POD now with the loop on the 5150, but I guess I can figure out a way to switch between amps using the TT. ( I have an A/B switchbox). So, anyone disagree about the TT over the FX100? The only thing I was thinking might be possible with the FX100 would be having 2 pedals, 1 for volume and leave the other on WAH, but how often does someone need that? And it's also easy to switch when I need to. I play at home, typical garage band style (I play and own drums too). The only other thing to consider is you can save about $20 getting a FX100 vs a TT on eBay. Inputs appreciated, sorry if I necro'd the thread. Dave
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