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  1. Hello, Can somefrom from L6 provide the file hash for the firmware file fw.bin? My hash is as follows: CRC32 Checksum: 2326C3F8 MD5 Checksum: B36FC639EB8440B92344BC43D26FC517 SHA-256 Checksum: DF9F3A00C67BB51B922CE1C8BD8AC64C33EFF92F3DBCCA9350EF9EF6BF3BF287 Generated by MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility @ Thanks, David
  2. With all the concerns about this file getting corrupted, can someone from Line6 provide the file hash? Here is my file's hash: CRC32 Checksum: 2326C3F8 MD5 Checksum: B36FC639EB8440B92344BC43D26FC517 SHA-256 Checksum: DF9F3A00C67BB51B922CE1C8BD8AC64C33EFF92F3DBCCA9350EF9EF6BF3BF287 Generated by MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility @
  3. I guess this is a necro moment, but I have 2 FH1500's and I am considering getting a Helix or other modeler. I have not had any hiss issues, and I always keep up with the firmware. I got the 2nd FH for less than $400, so I now do stereo viaw 2 amps in mono. The volume and sounds appear good to me, and when I stop playing it is dead silent. So much so, I have friends who purchased this amp because of how well it works. I know it has a built in gate that appears to work well, but when I say silent I mean it sounds as if the amp is powered off by just muting the strings. I play high gain 80's stuff like EVH and ACDC. Heavy, yes! But the case they sell for $200 is a nice case, and you can even put the amp on top of the case to elevate the speakers to waist level. The rollers and handle work well, though I just broke the plastic bracket for the handle. Very easy/2 screw fix. I just need to get the part, or make one out of wood or something else. Easy to 3d print the bracket, once I get that done I will post the file so others can 3D print theirs if needed. I have a machinist friend who might CNC me the bracket in metal, and if he does this I will have about a dozen extras to sell as it is not worth his time to make just one. Has anyone does the 4CM for the Helix? Not sure if that buys you any advantages, but I wondered what others would say? Thanks for responses, I am not sold on which modeler I am going with, it is between Helix, Kemper, Quad Cortex. I had a AXEFX Ultra years ago, I liked it then but I hear much more about Kemper & QC, and Helix as the cheaper way to go. I have a HX Effects now I use with my EVH 5153 and I really lile that. Come to think of it, I might just be able to use a HX Stomp with the FH just to get the improved AMP models and stick with the FH effects, I have never had complaints about the FH effects. I guess doing that I would need to sort out the MIDI patch switching so when I switch patches via a MIDI floorboard, it will switch BOTH the FH & the HX Stomp at the same time. Anyone ever try that? Dave
  4. +1 from em also. With so many editor for PC in addition to IOS/Android, why not make a PC/MAC editor? It can even be web based...
  5. Do you use a external speakers or a soundbar? These cause significant delays, you are better off using speakers directly. I learned this from playing Rocksmith on my TV and XBOX, their forums go over this in detail, but basically the TV has to "process" the incoming sound and then send it out to any external speakers, so the TV's circuit board causes the lag. Hope this helps. David
  6. Hello, I just got my HX effects and I am loving it thus far, but I am wondering where users can trade their favorites? I purchased the Pasadena pack from the store, but I am more interested in trading or looking at other users Favorites, aka the *.fav files you can download/upload from the software editor? I ask because I got great advice on using the auto-swell for the Van Halen Cathedral patch, I was struggling to get the other swells to work well, and I found the post here that said to use the Legacy swell and it worked great. I am looking for the settings people have used for the EVH Flanger and the EVH Phaser & Chorus? I saved my patch and posted it for the swell/Cathedral patch, I was hoping to get more patches and specific effect modeled after the EVH series? The Pasadena set is great, but it seems like it is tailored toward early EVH, like the Roth era, first 3 albums. This works great, but if I want to play songs from Diver Down or later, the Pasadena tones are not accurate enough for me? I wish Line 6 would sell more packs and list the specific albums (if it is not a copyright issue). The Pasadena collection could also have a footnote called Albums 1-3 if they could not list the names, such as VH1, VH2, W&CF, etc. I would like to see a Pasadena #2 pack (subtitled FW & DD), followed by a Pasadena 3 (again, 1984 thru 5150). Oh yeah, I am a Van Halen but, but I also like most other 80's rock. So, the question is what is the best forum here, or elsewhere, to trade *.fav files? Thanks, Dave
  7. howarddavidp

    Auto Swell

    I used the Legacy Auto-volume echo, and it worked good enough for me. I am setting up a patch to play Van Halen's Cathedral off their Diver Down album, and I used several swell pedal so I don't have to roll my volume knob. I plugged my favorite swell pedal in front of the HX so I could quickly A/B the pedal versus the HX effect, and I based my sound for swell of the TC Electronics Crescendo. For reference, I have the sensitivity set at 8 o'clock and the attack is set at 2:30 o'clock. I am going to attach my preset in case anyone want to try it out. IF you just want me settings: Time = 10ms, Feedbk = 12%, Depth = 100% Swell = 40%, Mix = 100%, Level = -1.0dB Trails ON (don't think this matters) I might make a YT vid to show this off, but it works well enough to get through the song. Enjoy! Dave Cathedral.hlx
  8. I just got both the 50 watt combo and the HX effects. I reset the HX to defaults, and the 5150 is basically new open box, so nothing much to change there. I went 4CM and got it working 1st try, I did not have to adjust any levels from line to instrument, etc. It all just worked with the factory HX settings, if that helps. Dave
  9. Same question, I have the 5150III 50 watt combo and I want to change the 3 channels via the HX effects... Thanks, Dave
  10. I just got both of these, the 50 watt combo and the HX Effects. Any update on how to do this? Do we use MIDI, because the amp's footswitch only uses a TS (and not a TRS) cable yet it has 4 switches. Thanks, David
  11. Necro'ing this thread. I own a Firehawk 1500 and it has been a great amp, I plan to keep using it, very versatile and sound great. I too noticed in 2021 that the L6 website does not even list firehawk in the list of products, but since I use my ipad to control tones I figured that was how you had to get tones. I just opened the app and used the search for Cloud tones, and that now seems to have been taken away? This worked last year if I remember, why would they take down the Cloud for products that are still being sold in Guitar center? Line 6 Firehawk FX Guitar Multi-Effects $399
  12. I mistakenly posted the same question in the Firehawk forum, which seems like a similar interface. They have an unofficial tone/patch called BJ Clean 1, which has 4 "wildcard" blocks. So, you cannot make a NEW/blank tone with 4, but you can download BJ Clean 1 and modify it, then save, with 4 wildcard blocks. If we can convert Firehawk patches to Amplifi, then we can also have 4 assignable blocks. Any ideas guys? David
  13. I posted this same ask in the Firehawk section, I wanted the 4th FLEX block. On the Firehawk, which seems similar, you can unofficially get a patch that has 4 Flex blocks from an earlier firmware release, the edit and saves it yourself. If we can convert Firehawk patches, I can try and convert, which will get us 4 flexible blocks. The tone/patch is called "BJ Clean 1" under the Firehawk remote when you search the cloud for tones. David
  14. So I guess with Amplifi, we are limited to 3Flex blocks, or is there a patch for AMplifi like BJ Clean 1? Can we convert Firehawk patches to Amplifi? Thanks, David
  15. OK, I installed the Firehawk remote, and yes, there it was. I thought the patches between Firehawk and Amplifi were compatible? I was able to get the 4 Flex blocks, no problem. Has anyone made a 4 Flex block patch for Amplifi? Anyway to import this patch to Amplifi? I was thinking either the Firehawk 1500 or the Amplifi 150, but if Amplifi is limited to 3 blocks, this is another reason to get the Firehawk. The price difference is huge, but I would get a much better amp with the Firehawk. Thanks, David
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